June 13, 2024

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Here’s everything new in Android 13 Beta 3.2 [Gallery]

Here's everything new in Android 13 Beta 3.2 [Gallery]

to get a patch, Android 13 Beta 3.2.2 Update It has many more changes than expected and we’re delving into everything new as a result.

Over the coming hours, we’ll dive into all the new Android 13 Beta 3.2 features and every change. (The latest updates will be at the top of this list. Be sure to check back often and let us know what you find in the comments below.) Beta 3.1 screenshots are on the left and Beta 3.2 on the right.

For reference, here’s what’s new in Android 13 Developer Preview 1And the DP2And the beta 1And the beta 2And the beta 3.

Tweaked Pixel Tips Format: More Highlights

disc on clipboard

  • Sharing is now done via the bottom left corner overlay.
  • The share button is no longer present in the full screen editor. After making any adjustments and clicking Done, you will be taken back to the previous screen with the corner overlay still visible.

Pixel Launcher: “Always Show Keyboard” in the app drawer

Google Lens icon updated

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