July 14, 2024

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Henry Cavill’s Superman exit will not affect the plan for The Witcher season 4

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Last night, James Gunn tweeted the shocking news, just months after announcing Henry Cavill’s Superman return to action, he now… no. However, the DC Universe’s power-shifting hierarchy doesn’t mean one thing some fans hope: that Cavill’s DC not returning could mean a return to the universe. the magician.

only days later Cavill announced publicly His return to the DCU yet Black Adam‘s Post-credit sequence Netflix teased what it thought of the return of the Man of Steel, and dropped a bombshell: the upcoming third season of its fantasy adaptation the magician It would be Cavill’s final In the title role as Geralt of Rivia. It will see a planned fourth season Instead, the mantle was worn by Liam Hemsworth.

But now, Superman isn’t coming back. Or, at least, a Henry Cavill-like Superman. Gunn’s announcement indicated that he is currently writing the screenplay for Superman A reboot that will focus on a younger version of Kal-El. So is there a possibility of Netflix playing a similar role? Don’t get your hopes up. A netflix spokesperson who spoke to io9 about the possibility indicated hemsworth’s streaming device plans to lead the magician Season 4 hasn’t changed due to the news of Superman Cavill’s split.

Supposedly this is now. Obviously, it’s still early days. the magicianSeason 3 of the series wrapped in late September, and the work on navigating the post-Caville future has no doubt already begun. There could be a possibility that he might return somewhere down the line — weird things have happened, like announcing you’re returning to, and out of, an iconic role in a month and a half — but for now, Cavill’s okay with it and he’s really cut his swords.

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