May 27, 2024

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Henrik Fisker, “More info end of this month!”

Henrik Fisker, “More info end of this month!”

Today, the Fisker team shared a video of Fisker’s ocean on the beach across social media. The (pre-recorded) video of Sunny Beach was great to watch. This is especially the case on what a rainy and overcast day in Southern California! However, the video of Fisker Ocean being packed with beach gear wasn’t particularly cool to watch. [Ok, that was pretty neat to see too!] Indeed, this is what Henrik Fisker shared.

Ocean Fisker on the beach in Southern California on a sunny day!

First, Henrik shared some important information. You might be thinking that it is what was listed in the title of this article, but it is not. Well, this is also very important. (More on this in a minute.) Henrik was asked a very important question in the comments of his post, “Does the SVB collapse affect Fisker at all?Right now, that’s probably on the minds of a lot of Fisker stakeholders. Especially if you watch business news.

You may have heard about the collapse of the Silicon Valley Bank (SVB). This fiasco is not particularly good for startups, venture-backed companies, and anyone with a banking relationship with a failed Silicon Valley bank. Fisker reported cash and cash equivalents of $736.5 million as of December 31, 2022 during its fourth quarter 2022 earnings results. Well, Henrik answered the question about the SVB meltdown. He said, “No, we do not deal with them.

Ocean Fisker update soon

Secondly, in Henrik’s position today, he also said another interesting thing. While he posted the same video of Fisker’s surroundings on the beach. He said, “Fisker Ocean EV, the most sustainable vehicle in the world!…Prepare for delivery! More info end of this month!If you’ve been following, you know we’re waiting for regulatory and approvals to complete. After that, Fisker will start delivering to customers. Now we know Henrik’s next update is coming at the end of this month!

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Ask Henrik anything…

You are sitting in a room with Henrik Fisker, OR Maybe on the other end of the computerAnd you have a chance to ask him anything. If you could meet Henrik Fisker, in the coming weeks, what would you ask him? Please share your questions, ideas and anything you want answers as a future owner of Fisker Ocean. Please share your questions or comments below or better yet in the “Ask Henrik Anything” thread in the Fiskerati Forums.

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