May 27, 2024

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He pretended to be Govt to miss work, but he got a message from his boss that it ruined everything

The corona virus infection left many stories of those who made it impossible to take advantage of the complex situation, but in many cases the thing did not go right and they have their logical consequences.

It happened to a dictator named Ellie who lied to her boss that she had a positive test for Covit-19, but all she really wanted was to dance with her friends. “I pretended to be Govt to lose the job, but I got a message from my boss that it ruined everything,” he warned in his release.

Everything got complicated when he got a message from his boss that it ruined his whole plan. The teen has uploaded to her account TikTok elliemiddleton1973, “Where are you?” Screenshot of his boss’s speech asking that.


Ellie responded by saying that she respects ethics in her isolated home. “How are you out?” The boss responded. “I’m not here, why do you think so?” The young woman continued to protect Alipi. Her boss responded immediately, saying she had seen her in one of her friend’s snapshot stories.

“My decision was negative and I did one thing PCR Because my mother works in a nursing home, they gave me a quick fix, ”she replied angrily. “So I went to Lily’s birthday party to show my face, but I could go back to work tomorrow because I was negative,” he said. Without trusting her, the employer asked her to send him an email with the conclusion that the young woman had not yet done so because she believed she was going to be fired.

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The comments of users who have already watched the clip, which has garnered over 230,000 views, focus on the big mistake made by the young woman by appearing in a video. “The first rule, sister, is that if you pretend you’ve not sick, you do not have to post videos or photos for at least a month.” Another added: “I did the same but faked the positive email. I took a screenshot instead of forwarding it. “Meanwhile, one-third said:” Can’t you say you have a migraine?

In these ways, the United States has recently experienced a struggle between workers, the corona virus and the vaccine. So, the story of those who wanted to lose their jobs rather than get vaccinated against the corona virus was known weeks ago, apparently in the anti-vaccine state.

About 55% of workers support the implementation of vaccination orders by employers, but a third still reject them, according to a December poll.

Also, this month, the U.S. Supreme Court overturned an order by President Joe Biden that Americans must be vaccinated in workplaces with at least 100 people and / or wear masks and conduct weekly exams, all of which must be paid for. Judges in the country’s Supreme Court ruled that the regulation was a “significant invasion” into the lives of millions of workers, and ruled out the possibility of enforcing national rules planned by countries such as Germany.

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