June 13, 2024

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He ends up in hospital after accepting a viral challenge on the streets of India (+ video)

He ends up in hospital after accepting a viral challenge on the streets of India (+ video)

He accepts HotSpanish’s invitation to taste food, promising to get the latest model car.

Courtesy | He criticized the cook for picking food off the floor and putting it back in the pot

A Mexican daguerreo was hospitalized in India after trying street food at an unhealthy stall, local media reported this Saturday.

The man accepted ‘tiktoker’ Hotspanish’s plan to travel to India and try street food. Recently, information has spread on the internet about the lack of hygiene and sanitation in those foods sold in the Asian country.

In a video posted on social networks, you can see how the Hotspanish invited Daquero to visit India for a gastronomic taste on the streets, with an attractive offer to win the latest model car. Despite initial doubts, Taquero accepted the project in the hope that HotSpanish would provide him with a vehicle to help him expand his business.

Accompanied by a member of the ‘TickToker’ group, Taquero visited a street food stall where Peruvian ‘influencer’ Oscar Currie reportedly died late last month after consuming spoiled food.

“Do not suck, flesh, where have you brought me? Look, the man picks up the food from the floor and puts it back in the bowl. “I’m so nervous, the web looks so disgusting,” Daguero said. After eating the food, Taquero started feeling uncomfortable, pale and sweaty, so he was immediately rushed to a nearby hospital.

@hotspanishmx I go to India to eat street food #fyp #foryou #long videos ♬ Original Sound – HotSpanish

“Look at me, even my skin is red and sweaty and I want to vomit. No longer out of respect for the people and customers there, but I also have a taqueria, do you think I would like it if someone came and vomited at the food I was selling?” the Mexican later complained. .

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Finally, the taquero recovered and received his prize, although some users on social networks criticized HotSpanish, pointing out that it encourages people with limited resources to do these kinds of challenges.

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