April 13, 2024

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Guerrilla's Online PS5 Horizon survives Sony's Cull

Guerrilla's Online PS5 Horizon survives Sony's Cull

The suspicions of critics of Sony's live service initiative were confirmed recently, as the platform owner struggles to get its projects off the ground. While the excellent Helldivers 2 has been a huge success, Naughty Dog's standalone adaptation of The Last of Us has been unceremoniously cancelled, while Firesprite's upcoming Twisted Metal reboot has recently been shut down and the London studio has been shut down entirely. The latter was working on a cooperative fantasy game.

But despite layoffs at Guerrilla Games last week, the platform holder is pressing ahead with multiplayer game Horizon, which the Dutch developer has acknowledged in recruitment drives, after years of rumours. Although little is known about the nature of the title, it is well connected Bloomberg correspondent Jason Schreier It says it has not been canceled as part of the company's recent restructuring.

It looks like there could be several online Horizon games in the pipeline, with rumors pointing to some sort of Monster Hunter-style co-op as well as an MMO, being developed by Korean specialists NCSoft. Sony, as usual, is keeping any announcements up its sleeve – but for now, it looks like work is continuing in earnest on this expansion of the popular franchise.

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