June 17, 2024

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Good Times actor Johnny Brown dies at 84

Good Times actor Johnny Brown dies at 84

Beloved actor Johnny Brown has passed away at the age of 84.

His family mourned the “heavy loss” in a social media post, saying he had been “kidnapped from their lives”.

Johnny’s daughter and Broadway actress Sharon Katherine Brown shared the news on her Instagram page.

She began with their message, along with her father’s photo: “You have ruined our family. Devastated. Devastated. Beyond sorrow. Barely able to breathe.”

We respectfully ask for privacy at this time because we need a minute to tackle the unthinkable.

To express the depths of deep sadness.

This is my stepfather of 61 years, my father and JJ’s father, Elijah and Levi’s Bob Bob, the older brother of George and son-in-law of Pat and the extended family of Chris, Hayhat, Damian and Deryl.”

It’s so terrible. You will never be.

“It’s a shock. It was literally ripped out of our lives.

“It’s not real for us yet. So there will be more to say but not now. Dad was the best ever. We love him so much.”

Fans showed their support in the comments and sent their condolences.

One commenter wrote: “I am so sorry for your loss.

“I absolutely loved him.”

Another fan wrote: “Noooooo! My condolences to you and your family.”

A third commentator wrote: “I love you so much.”

Another added, “So much love.”

long legacy

Johnny has enjoyed a long and illustrious career.

He was an actor, comedian and singer.

However, he is best known for his role as Knathan Buckman on the hit CBS show Good Times.

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Johnny appeared on the show until it was canceled in 1979.

Johnny Brown’s family is devastated by the loss of the legendary actor, as they ask the public for privacy to address the tragedy.

He has appeared on many other popular series including The Flip Wilson Show, The Jeffersons, Family Matters, Sister and Sister, The Jamie Foxx Show, The Wayans Bros. and Martin.

The late actor also had a role in The Out-of-Towners, playing a waiter in a food cart on the railroad.

As for his music career, he started recording songs in the 1960s.

He previously toured with Sam “The Man” Taylor from 1958 onwards.

Johnny Brown (right) is best known for his role as Nathan Buckman on the hit CBS show Good Times, where he also had a music career.
Johnny Brown (right) is best known for his role as Nathan Buckman on the hit CBS show Good Times, where he also had a music career.
CBS via Getty Images

all about johnny

Johnny Brown was born in St. Petersburg, Florida in 1937.

In 1961, he married John Russell.

The couple shared two children: Sharon and John Brown Jr.

He also has at least one grandson.

Sharon’s daughter’s Instagram page lists her as “Elijah’s mother.”

Her son turned 18 recently, according to a post on her account.

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