February 9, 2023

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Giants look to trade again in Round 1 – Peter King

Giants look to trade again in Round 1 - Peter King

Hold choices 5 and 7 in the future 2022 NFL DraftThe New York Giants They will likely be looking to transfer one of them to try to participate in multiple preliminary rounds next year. This is according to Peter King on Monday in a weekly newspaper.Football morning in America‘ vertical.

King did not elaborate on his reasons for thinking that the new General Manager of the Giants Gu Shuen would look to do so. So, let’s delve into the possible causes for ourselves.

Schwinn told the team’s official website after his appointment that he would like to have “as many swings as you can get” in the draft. At Combine, Schwinn said he’s “open to business.”

“I would be open to anything. I am open to business. If someone wants to go up and we come back and we get the 2023 pick — again, I’ll do what’s best for the New York Giants in 2022 and beyond. Once again, compete today, and build for the future,” he said. Schwinn.

“I will plan to stay there and I will find seven players that I like and I will know I can sleep well at night and if someone calls and it makes sense for us to come back or if there is someone we like and we can get it through the venture capital, I am good at that. We will keep all options open.” .

Moving Down is a draft strategy that I have endorsed for a long time. Trading and accumulating options rather than leveraging them has always been a key component ofBig Blue View Rules for Draft SuccessHere’s what the rules say:

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“There are very few times that any player is worth trading for, causing a team to pawn valuable draw picks. You need depth in the NFL, and you can’t accumulate it by trading away from draft picks — which is what you have to do going forward. In general, it is better to move down and collect more draft options than to move up and finish with less. Your mistakes hurt less when you have more options, and more opportunities to correct them. You can take risks sometimes when you have more options, and if The situation was right, you could actually use some of these “extra” choices to move up when you feel justified.

“When is it appropriate to go up? First of all, if you’re moving for a guy you think is going to be a quarterback. If you’re moving for a player in another position you think is a franchise changer or the piece you need to put you on top. Super Bowl, This is good. Also, if you’ve collected additional picks, you can probably use this flexibility to target one or two players in the draft or via trade. This, really, can be called “New England Patriots Al-Qaeda.’ “

Now, let’s get into the reasons why trading with pick number 5 or number 7 is the right move for Schwinn and the giants.

Quarterback Mode

The Giants’ plan, rightly in my view, is to give Daniel Jones the 2022 season to show the new system whether, or not, the long-term answer the organization needs in the middle.

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In a best-case scenario, Jones has the best and most stable backing team he’s seen since his No. 6 pick in the 2019 NFL Draft, plays the best football of his career and the Giants decide to move forward with him.

Let’s be honest. There’s a good chance that won’t happen. Jones is the GM and two coaches who were removed from the system that penned him. Co-owner Jon Mara would be shocked, but it wouldn’t come as a shock if Schwinn and coach Brian Dabol decide at the end of the season that they want to ride or die with their man, not someone else.

Tyrod Taylor wouldn’t be that guy. It may be a hiatus while the Giants search for or develop this guy, but he’s not the future in the quarterback for the Giants.

Trading in the first round this year, especially if it brings the Giants a second-round first-choice in 2023, gives the Giants the flexibility to move to next year’s quarterback if they need to. If they don’t need a quarterback, they still have a pair of first-round picks for the second year in a row, which is fine.

“More in the bat”

This is a rebuild. Maybe Dave Gittleman didn’t understand that. Schoen also doesn’t want to use the word “rebuild.”

“I don’t want to go out and hit my head at all,” he said at The Combine. “I want to have a competitive team and do better for the franchise in the future.”

However, the new GM seems to understand that there is a lot of work to be done to overhaul the roster and get the Giants where they want to be. Don’t go from five straight seasons of double-digit loss to annual Super Bowl contenders in one season.

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Let’s say Schoen chooses to re-trade with pick number 5. Yes, that means he could tackle an offensive method like Ivan Neal or Ikem Ikuno. Will a single player, especially a non-midfielder, transform the franchise? number.

What if Shuen retracts, and still ends up with two first-round picks, gets Mississippi Offensive tackle for Charles Cross in seventh, and adding some day two picks this year or next? This might be the best outcome, especially for a team that has more than one need.

Salary cap help

Despite everything Schwinn had done, the Giants remained in the salary cap purgatory. Two top 10 draft picks are a fairly big drain on the cover for a team that still has little or no room to work.

Remember that the cost of each draft choice is time-limited according to the collective bargaining agreement. Per OTC, the No. 5 overall pick was $6.582 million, while the seventh overall pick was $5.130 million. Each pick costs a little less, with the 32nd overall pick in the first round set with a cap of $2.335 million.

Thus, trading can again provide two million dollars that the giants can use.