May 21, 2024

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France has identified a new variant of Covit-19 called the IHU

A new variant of EFE-Covid-19 was discovered a few weeks ago by French researchers.

A new variant of the Covid-19 was discovered a few weeks ago by French researchers.

It was derived from another and the first cases were found in the Republic of Congo last September.

The Marseille University Hospital Company announced the baptism of this variant on its Twitter account on December 9, with its own abbreviated IHU, in the wake of the discovery.

IHU variant

The researchers in charge released a preliminary study on this new variant pending verification by their colleagues late last month.

What qualifies “Variation IHU ┬╗B.1.640.2.

Similarly, considering the low number of cases currently registered, not much is known about it so far.

According to the Center for Infectious Diseases, which was created and directed by the controversial physician Didier Rawold, the first of these events, discovered by scientists, took place in the city of Forcal.

The city is located in the Alpes de Hot Provence region.

Contains 46 mutations

It is known to be associated with a dozen trips to Cameroon in the Marseille region.

This variant has 46 mutations Omigron.

Similarly, it was one of two descendants of B.1.640 in the Republic of Congo at the end of September.

‘A strange component of the IHU variant is that one of its mutations is associated with a potential increase in virus spread.

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