September 28, 2023

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Final Fantasy tracks for Chocobo GP include one that looks suspiciously like Mario Kart Fave

Final Fantasy tracks for Chocobo GP include one that looks suspiciously like Mario Kart Fave
Photo: Nintendo

Square Enix brings Chocobo GB Switching soon – on March 10 to be exact – and a Nintendo UK Twitter account has Post a Trailer Quadruple view of tracks based on locations from four different Final Fantasy titles.

As you can see from the tweet below, four circuits have been marked for the upcoming kart racer, including Zozo from Final Fantasy VIAlexandria from Final Fantasy IXa large bridge of Final Fantasy Vand finally rainbow road from Mario Kart 8 golden plate of Final Fantasy VII:

Just a few websites from the FINAL FANTASY series hosting circles in #chocobug!– Nintendo UK February 23 2022

Yes, as our friends in . have noted Eurogamer, Gold Saucer – the rollercoaster-packed amusement park and attractions from FFVII – bears more than a passing resemblance to Mario Kart’s ultimate favorite and famous Rainbow Road. Compare the two paths in the images below:

In fact, we see echoes of several Mario Kart courses in the short video, although the color spectrum across the Gold Saucer’s circle certainly stands out as “inspired by”, even if that’s true for its FF source. Love it or hate it, the rainbow road and its treacherous multi-colored highway suspended in a vast expanse lingers in your mind – and it looks like it may have lodged in Squeenix’s mind while crafting paths for Chocobos.

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Not just for Chocobos of course. Square Enix has Previously revealed a lot of racing listAnd, we have to say, Chocobo GP appears to be shaping up to be a credible competitor to Mario in Switch kart racing… eh, racing.

We’ll soon find out if it’s in a platformer shot or if it’s Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and Upcoming DLC ​​Courses This will leave in the dust.

Tell us below if you think the Golden Saucer/Rainbow Road resemblance is weird or purely coincidental.