July 18, 2024

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Ex-Jason Sudeikis’ ex Kelly Hazel shares the same book excerpts as Olivia Wilde

Ex-Jason Sudeikis’ ex Kelly Hazel shares the same book excerpts as Olivia Wilde

He appears Jason SudeikisExes have picked up the same book.

On October 20, Kelly Hazel– who briefly dated Sudeikis in 2021 – shared a photo Nora Ephron1983 رواية novel heartburnfor her Instagram Stories.

If the novel’s name sounds familiar, it’s because of Sudeikis’ ex-wife Olivia Wilde Spread Same page two days ago. The do not worry my love The director position came after a The family’s former nanny came out with allegations that Wilde once made her a “special salad dressing” for her current boyfriend Harry StilesThis prompted Sudeikis to lie in front of her car to prevent her from leaving their house.

However, Hazel’s explanations in them October 20 after They focus less on cooking and instead insinuate owning narrative as a means of empowerment.

“So I told her why: Because if I tell the story, I control the copy,” she read the passage she emphasized. “Because if I tell the story, I can make you laugh, and I’d rather you laugh at me than feel sorry for me.”

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The passage continued, “Because if I tell the story, it won’t hurt so much. Because if I tell the story, I can carry on.”

Hazel met Sudeikis for the first time on the set of 2014 Terrible Bosses 2 He continued to appear in the second season of his show on Apple TV, Ted Lasso. The two were romantically linked to February 2021Three months after it was confirmed that Sudeikis was infected He ended his seven-year engagement With Wilde, whom he shares with his son Otis8, and his daughter daisy4.

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However, by July 2021, a source told E! The news that was a couple “No longer romantic.”

“Jason and Kelly have never been in a serious relationship,” the insider said. “It definitely wasn’t anything serious at all.”

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