June 16, 2024

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Elizabeth Olsen Stands by the MCU Evolution of the Scarlet Witch

Elizabeth Olsen Stands by the MCU Evolution of the Scarlet Witch

althoug Possible top sorcerer He may have the highest billing at Marvel’s Doctor Strange in a multiverse of madnessIt is likely that a large number of people will attend Wanda Maximoff in Elizabeth Olsen. It’s been years since Wanda was first introduced in Avengers: Age of UltronAnd her path from Sokovia to the multiverse has been long and winding. But in Olsen’s mind, her character’s journey was a powerful one.

before WandaVisionWanda Maximoff was still a supporting character in the MCU and a far cry from her comic book counterpart: a powerful witch who first joined the Avengers a few months after her introduction as the X-Men villain. Wanda’s sitcom revealed the magical origins of her chaotic powers with a story about how grief can distort a person’s relationship with reality, and then, it was really cool to wonder how the Scarlet Witch affected that. Doctor Strange in a multiverse of madness.

recently The multiverse of madness Press event, Olsen opened about the connective tissue between them WandaVision and the Dr. Gharib Sequel – and how Wanda’s evolution from a mere psychic witch to a legendary witch began by magically enslaving the city. Wanda’s actions haven’t been heroic lately, but Olsen has stood by her and said she thinks the character’s arc is consistent.

“My biggest goal in everything is to play the role of attorney to my character and defense and defense and defense,” Olsen said. “Whether or not their greatest strength is their greatest weakness, wherever they come from or whatever they are addressing, my goal is only to defend their point of view.”

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Two variants of Wanda Maximoff.

Wanda’s perspective was one of the most questionable things left looming WandaVisionThe ending he saw was finally starting to deal with the frenzy of what she did in Westview, New Jersey. The liberation of the people of Westview means getting rid of the hexagon that was born Wanda’s twin sons and the fax from Vision, with whom she lived happily ever after. althoug WandaVision Turn Wanda into the Scarlet WitchShe did so by placing her in the existential contest which is no different from Long years encountered the inaugural hell Wanda In the comics after Remove mutants in the world.

Between the complex trauma of losing her husband and sons and being deceived into believing her dead brother has been resurrected, a lot has happened to Landa before. WandaVision’s The conclusion of her return The multiverse of madness It may seem premature. But Olsen was quick to explain how, in her mind, Wanda had been in a constant state of essentially processing larger-than-life feelings from the moment she joined the MCU. She’s an essential part of both Wandas, new and old, portrayed in the new movie.

“even in WandaVision — really all the movies I’ve had — it constantly crosses that line and it’s usually its biggest emotional loss or grief when something is born,” Olsen said. I’m happy about it.”

Doctor Strange in a multiverse of madness In theaters now.