May 27, 2024

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DolarToday and Monitor, Venezuela: What is the Purchase and Sale Price, Today, Tuesday, January 4, 2022 | BCV | Venezuela | BDV | Co-dollar | NNDC | Economy

The In Venezuela, it was operating on Tuesday, amid opposition from the government claiming that $ 100 million would be embezzled from the country by 2021, according to Dollar Today.

Initially, the dollar was 4.69 digital bolivars on the informal market in Venezuela, down 2.34% from the previous day. .

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Venezuelan opposition leader Karim Vera on Monday denounced more than $ 100 million in embezzlement in 2021, with plans to cross the border between the Caribbean and Colombia through “restricted goods”.

In short, on different occasions last year, 99% of the revenue we condemned for handing over documents, including the smuggling of illicit substances such as drugs (evidence of guerrilla groups defending the regime) and mercury, was not processed. Illegal mining to be transferred to the eastern part of the countryVera said in a press release.

The former deputy added that 2022 begins with “a widespread corruption plan on the Venezuelan border” where “irregular groups” and security officials are “complicit in what is happening between Venezuela and Colombia”.

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Vera pointed out that at present, although the activities between the two countries are “moderately open”, the rights of citizens are increasingly limited, (there is) PSUV (Venezuela United Socialist Party) and more criminal activity. Groups ”.

Unfortunately, everything that happened at unsafe crossings (tracks, illegal roads) is now carried out on a large scale on international bridges, from crossing charges to misconduct and harassment.“, He added.

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The opposition promised that “illegal activities of smuggling and drug trafficking will continue with the support of the state apparatus in collaboration with the disorderly mafias living there.”

With information from EFE

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