June 16, 2024

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Do you want to buy a new iPhone now? You can’t choose a worse time

What is happening

Apple’s next iPhone will likely be released in a month, which makes it difficult to recommend a new iPhone.

why does it matter

Customers who can wait a few weeks can take advantage of either access to the next iPhone or discounts that are likely to come on current iPhone models.

What’s Next

Apple usually announces new iPhones in September and releases them shortly thereafter.

September is around the corner, which probably means Apple iPhone 14 line rumored. In most cases, Apple usually announces its new wave of iPhone models in September and releases them shortly thereafter. But even if you don’t care about getting the latest iPhone, there are good reasons to be patient before flaunting your own. iPhone 13 or 13 Pro.

Apple iPhone 14 likely to be launched soon

If Apple maintains its current pattern, it will likely announce iPhone 14 In the first half of September along iOS 16 And its release in the second half. For example, Apple first introduced the iPhone 13 on September 14 before making it available in stores on September 24. The timing was similar to iPhone 11And the iPhone 8 and previous models.

However, there were some exceptions. The iPhone 12 And the 12 Pro It was launched in October 2020, while the 12 Mini and 12 Pro Max became available in November of the same year. The iPhone X It was also launched in November 2017.

As for what to expect from the iPhone 14, rumors suggest that the Pro model can be upgraded 48 MP main camera new slit-free look. It is also rumored to release Apple New bigger size From the iPhone 14 standard.

Read a more in-depth analysis on when we think the iPhone 14 will launch based on Apple’s history over here.

Battery icon as seen on iPhone running iOS 16 beta

The next iPhone line will likely arrive when iOS 16 is released widely.

Patrick Holland / CNET

Old iPhones may get cheaper

Don’t bother getting the latest iPhone? You must wait. Apple usually lowers prices for previous iPhone models when introducing new ones, just as it did with iPhone 12 last year. For example, the price of the 64GB iPhone 12 was reduced to $700 from $800 after the iPhone 13 was announced. Meanwhile, the iPhone 11 dropped to $500 in 2021.

This year’s iPhone launch may be better for those who prefer saving money over an older model. If Apple follows the 2021 pattern, it will probably keep iPhone 12 and 12 Mini in its lineup and lowered the Mini’s price to $500. This is significant, as it will make the iPhone 12 Mini one of the cheapest 5G iPhones available. yes iPhone SE It’s cheaper at $430 and also supports 5G. However, it also comes with a much smaller screen than other Apple phones, has only one main camera (most new phones have two) and lacks Face ID.

While 5G isn’t necessary, it’s a good idea to make sure your next phone has 5G if you plan to keep it for the next three years as these networks continue to evolve. You can read more about whether it’s okay to buy a non 5G phone in 2022 over here.

If you really need an iPhone now

Not everyone is in a position to wait. If you really need a new iPhone right now and want to save a few bucks, consider buying Refurbished iPhone. Apple Offers Refurbished models on their website That comes with a one year warranty. Apple says these pre-owned devices are checked and cleaned and include the option to extend customer service with an AppleCare plan.

You can also check out refurbished models on websites like Gazelle and Amazon, which will have their own disclosures about device condition and warranty length terms.

If you are having a hard time figuring out which iPhone is right for you, check out Instructs.

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