June 23, 2024

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Do stars disappear into black holes? A strange binary system says “yes”

Do stars disappear into black holes?  A strange binary system says “yes”

Scientists have discovered strong evidence that some Huge stars They end their existence with a groan, not a bang, and sink in Black hole Who made them without light and fury a Supernova.

To understand why this is important, we must start with a crash course in stellar evolution. Stars generate energy through… Nuclear fusion The processes taking place in its core through which hydrogen is converted into helium. When stars with at least eight times The mass of our sun When the hydrogen supply runs out, fusion reactions involving other elements begin instead – helium, carbon, oxygen, etc., until they end up with an inert iron nucleus that requires more energy than can be put into the fusion reaction to produce. At this point, the fusion reactions stop, and the energy production carrying the star evaporates. Suddenly, gravity took over and caused the core to collapse, while the star’s outer layers bounced off the shrinking core and exploded outward, creating a supernova that can sometimes shine brighter than an entire star for a few weeks. galaxy.