April 20, 2024

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Diablo 4 fixed a bad menu that tricked fans into purchasing a battle pass

Diablo 4 fixed a bad menu that tricked fans into purchasing a battle pass

تحاول الشياطين بيع المزيد من تمريرات المعركة للاعبين.

picture: Blizzard

Diablo IVThe first season It got off to a rocky start after a disastrous patch Decreased set of characters and builds, but a few other, much smaller issues have also drawn fan criticism, including a battle pass design that tricked some players into accidentally purchasing the premium version. Blizzard is now rolling out a fix after a gamer accused the company of using a “dark style” design to deceive players.

Adventurer Rorickhan V wrote Tweet which exploded on July 20. “Guess what happened to me and at least 5 others in my stream. This is straight malicious design.”

A clip accompanying the post showed that the creator had mistakenly redeemed the Season 1 Battle Pass paid for using a freebie from the deluxe edition of the game. Players use the Season tab constantly in the menu to check their seasonal progress, and the location of the “Activate Premium Battle Pass” button makes it extremely easy to accidentally click on it. There is no popup that gives players a chance to undo the refund either.

When a widget is designed to trick you into clicking on it, it’s called a “dark style,” comment Youtube Reeker Games in Theme. IMO Blizzard needs to add a confirmation button or something if they don’t want to be accused of using dark styles. A simple “Confirm” popup will fix this.

Others challenged why Rorakhan was so upset. After all, it wasn’t a brand-new purchase he’d made, but an accidental use of his existing freebies. Blizzard probably assumed that most players would use it in Season of the Malignant. But not Rurikhan. “I’ve been saving my fight card for next season because I don’t have time to commit to this,” he said chirp.

But it didn’t take Blizzard long to address the complaint and a fix is ​​now expected to be rolled out soon. “I had a great experience with the people in this stream,” chirp Diablo IV Community Manager Adam Fletcher. “We have a temporary fix in the works that will at least ensure that the cursor doesn’t get stuck there, and instead gets disabled in Season Journey.” At least one player claims they are still Rejected refund request After accidentally activating the Premium Battle Pass.

While it’s not the end of the world, it’s easy to see why gamers would focus on any design element that could be exploited Diablo IVThe first season. Action-RPG turns into a full service live game Expensive cosmetics And it was damaged again and again by waves of equilibrium spots. It was a blizzard before Encourage players to take a break If they’re not enjoying themselves, but signing off isn’t exactly that kind of thing Diablo have ever stimulated.

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