October 2, 2023

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Detailed Nintendo employee goes forward with his dismissal account

Detailed Nintendo employee goes forward with his dismissal account

After filing a complaint against Nintendo of America and recruitment firm Aston Carter Earlier this year which alleged “coordinated activities” and “coercive actions”, the former contractor who submitted that complaint to NLRB He revealed his identity and gave more details and an account of his class.

As I mentioned Axios In an exclusive interview, former player Mackenzie Clifton was fired from his contracting role at the company in February of this year. Nintendo said the service was “terminated due to disclosure of confidential information,” Nintendo reported a permit Given to Stephen Totilo by Axios.

According to Clifton, the moderators showed them a tweet they posted with the following text as evidence:

“In today’s build, someone somewhere must have deleted every other texture in the game bc it’s all red now. Just like pure red. It’s so ridiculous.”

Nintendo America
picture: Nintendo America

Clifton believes this vague reference isn’t the real reason for their dismissal, and instead cited a Q&A portion from an online meeting of hundreds of Nintendo testers held in January.

At that meeting, Clifton says they asked NOA President Doug Bowser the following question:

What does NoA think of the union trend in quality assurance in the gaming industry lately?

The question appears to have not been answered directly, and Clifton says they were contacted by an Aston Carter supervisor later in the day who advised them to direct such “disturbing questions” to the Aston Carter, not Nintendo. Clifton claims that they are the victims of union-busting tactics designed to nullify discussion of the topic.

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The Axios report outlines Clifton’s history with Nintendo, their good initial impressions of the company, and their consequent work. Super Smash Bros. Game Ultimateand their personal struggles after being initially denied credit – along with other testers who worked on the project – in the game itself.

Complaint again It was introduced in August of this year, with similar accusations being brought against Nintendo and its legacy recruitment company. Stories critical of the company It appeared in recent months detailing a “two-tiered” system between “red badges” (full-time Nintendo employees) and contract workers hoping for a permanent job.

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