May 27, 2024

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Death takeoff: The suspect charged in the rapper’s death has been released from prison after posting bail

Death takeoff: The suspect charged in the rapper’s death has been released from prison after posting bail


Accused of murder in Migos member dies booting He posted the $1 million bond he was set for and was released from jail on Tuesday, according to a CNN affiliate. KPRC.

In December, Harris County Judge Josh Hill kept Patrick Xavier Clark’s bail at $1 million, refusal to reduce, The reasoning is that Clark might be dangerous to fly.

“Neither Patrick nor his family posted bail in this case. A caring citizen and family friend who believes in Patrick’s innocence posted bail on his behalf,” his attorney, Letitia Quiñones, said in a statement.

Quinones said Clark “intends to comply fully” with the conditions set by the court, and “will attend for proceedings whenever the court orders him to do so.”

“We believe Patrick is innocent and in time the evidence will reveal that this is the case,” Quinones said.

Clark, 33, was arrested in early December on the east side of Houston, one month later Takeoff was shot and killed Out of business after a special event.

Once a member of the platinum-selling rap group Migos, Tykov was 28 years old. His uncle Quavo and cousin Offset were the other two members of the trio.

Police believe Takeoff was An innocent bystander in an argument that occurred outside a bowling alley led to the shooting. He was unarmed and did not participate in the controversy.

After Judge Hill denied Clark’s request for a bond reduction in December, Quinones argued that the $1 million bond was unconstitutional because of Clark and his family’s “mediocre” financial situation.

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Harris County prosecutors argued that Clark should be considered a “flight danger.”

Clark claimed shortly after the murder I applied for an urgent passport, which he received just prior to his arrest, according to the request submitted by the Public Prosecution. The court document added that when Clark was arrested, he had “a large sum of cash.”

Prosecutors also made several other requests, including turning over Clark “any and all passports, visas, or other travel documents,” preventing her from leaving the immediate vicinity of Harris County, and placing her under a curfew.

Quinones said at a news conference at the time that her office was “surprised” by the decision.

“We have complied with every requirement the judge asked of us, only to be informed today of it [the bond] will not be reduced. So yeah, we are very disappointed. We do not agree. And frankly, we’re very surprised,” Quinones said.

“The fight is not over. We believe without a shadow of a doubt that when the time comes, we will be able to demonstrate Mr. Clark’s innocence in this,” Quinones said.