February 26, 2024

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Dave Chappelle’s “The Closer” was nominated for an Emmy, amid backlash

Dave Chappelle's "The Closer" was nominated for an Emmy, amid backlash

Dave Chappelle nominated for an Emmy for his transgender film The Closer

Dave Chappelle
picture: Tim Nwachoko (Getty Images)

Cancellation culture isn’t really as effective as we promised, because Dave Chappelle continues to thrive on the power of pernicious transphobia. His controversial Netflix special the closest He was nominated for an Emmy on Tuesday, proving once again that the wake-up mob didn’t do much damage to his career at all.

Chappelle has been in the midst of criticism against transgender people for a while now (it’s a thing for a reason du jour Among the wealthy celebrities who apparently have nothing better to do), but the closest He saw the backlash against the comedian reach a new peak. In response to the stand-up set, in which Chappelle proclaims himself “Team TERF”, a Netflix employee They staged an exit In solidarity with their co-workers (one of them was Reportedly fired to leak private data).

Netflix, which has an expensive deal with Chappelle, has Repeatedly And he unreservedly defended his work under the guise of “Creative freedom and artistic expression. In a previous statement, co-CEO Ted Sarandos She expressed to the staff, “Sometimes there will be things you don’t like on Netflix. You even find them harmful. We’ll definitely draw the line on something that will invoke intentionally harming others physically or even removing protection. For me, the intent to cause physical harm. It definitely crosses the line.”

Ignoring the true harm that transphobia is inflicting on a highly vulnerable population has paid off with an Emmy Award nomination (Ricky Jervis, another Netflix darling who suffers from transphobia, missed out on one of his own. Super Nature). Chappelle never faced any real consequences for his hurtful rhetoric (although he did try to fabricate some through The accusation of his attacker on stage is baseless of being a “transman”). Instead, he continued to enjoy critical acclaim and support for one of the world’s largest entertainment companies. The Television Academy is just another institution in a long list of institutions that implicitly endorses transphobia, and its members must respond.

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