February 28, 2024

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‘Danger!’ Final Jeopardy contestant’s incorrect answer wins over viewers

'Danger!'  Final Jeopardy contestant's incorrect answer wins over viewers

Danger! Fans can’t help but be drawn to the contestant who had some weird moments on Thursday. Joel Levinson, Director of Content from Ohio State, showed his character right from the start. With his curly hair and mustache, Levinson, during the introductions, gave a seemingly sarcastic side gesture to the camera, shrugged his shoulders, then smiled as he nodded.

Looking at the clue, “Put on your wide mask and wire mesh mask,” Levinson leaned back and guessed in a suddenly high-pitched, cartoonish voice, “What is lacrosse?”

Host Ken Jennings He commented, “I’ve never heard that sound before, Joel.”

But viewers loved him.

Levinson uploaded this humor straight to Final Jeopardy!

The clue was that “this 1962 classic was dedicated to Albert Schweitzer, who predicted that man would “end up with the destruction of the Earth”.

Levinson looked up at the sky and clasped his hands above his head as Jennings read his answer.

I wrote the classic realist writings Are you with God? I’m MargaretJennings said with a laugh. “I’m afraid that’s not true.”

Are you there God, I’m Margert is a 1970 novel by Judy Bloom. was the correct answer silent spring by Rachel Carson.

And though Levinson didn’t know the answer, he knew enough not to make an offer to him.

Danger! It is a joint program. visit Jeopardy.com Or check your local listings for a TV schedule.

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