June 17, 2024

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Congress concluded that Dan Snyder obstructed the sexual harassment investigation

Congress concluded that Dan Snyder obstructed the sexual harassment investigation

November 2020 Former General Counsel to Leaders lawsuit To prevent Wilkinson from using non-public documents, Snyder was implicated in paying a settlement in 2009 to a former team employee who accused him of sexual misconduct during a flight on his private jet.

The commission said the team did not report the nature of the former employee’s allegations to the NFL until 2020, during the league’s investigation, and the team refused to release her from a nondisclosure agreement in an effort to prevent her from speaking about the incident. to investigators, though she eventually did.

When the Wilkinson investigation concluded in July 2021, the NFL released a brief summary of the investigation’s findings. The league claimed the decision was made to protect the privacy of some of the former team employees who spoke to Wilkinson.

Gödel concluded the periodic inquiry by releasing A statement In saying that Wilkinson had found that for many years the team’s workplace environment, especially for women, was “extremely unprofessional” and that employees were bullied and intimidated amidst a culture of fear. Goodell said that many female employees have been sexually harassed.

The NFL fined the team Snyder agreed to relinquish day-to-day control for at least a year.

After several women who came forward with sexual harassment allegations accused the NFL of covering up evidence incriminating Snyder and his team, the congressional committee launched its own investigation in October 2021.

While the committee attempted to look into the team’s conduct, the report says, “The league, which works closely with leaders through a previously undisclosed mutual interest agreement, refused to provide more than 40,000 responsive documents, including the findings of the Wilkinson investigation and materials from its files.” Mrs. Wilkinson.”

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The report released Thursday included several allegations made by former employees during Wilkinson’s investigation, many of which were revealed in articles published by The New York Times in 2018 and The Washington Post in 2020.