May 26, 2024

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Conclusive proof: Lamine Yamal's shot did not cross the goal line

Conclusive proof: Lamine Yamal's shot did not cross the goal line

In Real Madrid's thrilling 3-2 win over Barcelona last night, a pivotal moment occurred when Barcelona's Lamin Yamal appeared to have scored, but the VAR ruled otherwise. The absence of goal-line technology in La Liga has come under intense spotlight as VAR's review took a long time, and did not appear conclusive in either case. Goal-line technology would have made the process almost instantaneous and, more importantly, decisive.

Despite Barcelona's protests and claims of superior performance, images from both Canal+ and BeIn showed conclusively that the ball did not completely cross the goal line.

Barcelona coach Xavi Hernandez expressed his frustration with the result, saying: “With the match we played, the normal thing is to win. We played better than Madrid at the Bernabéu. “We have to tell the fans that we played very well today and we deserved the three points.”

He also commented on the arbitration controversy, saying: “The arbitration controversy? it's a shame. I said I hoped the referee would go unnoticed and answer the calls properly, but he did neither.

This incident not only reignited the debate about the need for goal-line technology, but also highlighted its urgency within La Liga. As controversy over refereeing continues to mar high-profile clashes, demands for technological advances in football officiating are growing.

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