August 19, 2022

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Coachella Festival 2022 – LIVE: All the updates from day two as Billie Eilish grabs the headlines

Coachella 2022 - LIVE: All the updates from the California Music Festival as day two begins

Harry Styles performs at Coachella and surprises fans with Shania Twain cameos

After a two-year absence, the highly anticipated Coachella is back.

Located in Indio, California, the Desert Festival has gained popularity over the years due to its attractive dress code that is worth mentioning on Instagram and the sighting of celebrity guests.

The festival leads the pack when it comes to innovative collections. two of the best artistsHarry Stiles And billie eilish) is under 30 years old, while at the bottom of the carefully curated bill you will find some of the most sought-after new works – coffeeOh Emil and the Sniffer, Rina Swayama – Mix with old school staples like Spiritualized and The Avalanches.

Find all the updates from this year’s festival below


We are back!

welcome! We kick off on Day Two of Coachella, which will see Billie Eilish become the youngest front-runner in festival history. Other exhibitors today include Megan Thee Stallion and 88 Rising as well as British Exports like Disclosure and Holly Humberstone – you can see The full list is here.

We’ll be watching from London and getting the commentary, news and festival tales from our reporters on the ground, Leonie Cooper and Kevin E.J. Perry. If you want to watch too, remember you can find out how to do it here

Tom MurrayApril 16, 2022 23:48


As Coachella mania is in full swing, here’s a scammer’s guide to every past title and poster in music festival history.

Jacob StolworthyApril 16, 2022 21:00


Leonie Cooper watched Harry Styles at Coachella.

At its first major show in California, the former One Direction star streaked — but their somewhat tacky delivery lacked the spontaneity of a proper rock ‘n’ roll show.

Find our full review here.

Tom MurrayApril 16, 2022 20:30


Another surprise group alert! This time from Justin Bieber.

Appearing shirtless while wearing baggy jeans and a red bow-tie, Bieber sent fans wild as the event returns after a three-year hiatus.

Justin Bieber wows fans at Coachella with surprising performance of ‘Peaches’

Justin Bieber made a surprise appearance at Coachella on Friday night, attended by a stunning crowd at the music festival, and Grammy winner joined Daniel Caesar on stage to perform his song “Peaches.” Red hat facing back, thrills fans as the event returns after a three-year hiatus. Rumors of a surprise performance started circulating earlier this week, given that he’s traveling across the US for his Justice League World Tour. Click here to sign. on our newsletters.

Jacob StolworthyApril 16, 2022 19:45


Below you can find an extensive list of full Coachella prep times for this year.

Jacob StolworthyApril 16, 2022 19:00


Now the California festival is here, and here are some of the most memorable shows.

Jacob StolworthyApril 16, 2022 18:30


Phoebe Bridgers’ performance at Coachella was a glorified gothic fantasy complete with an Arlo Parks surprise cameo.

Find Leonie Cooper’s verdict below.

Jacob StolworthyApril 16, 2022 18:00


If you want to watch some of this year’s Coachella collections, here’s how to do it

Jacob StolworthyApril 16 2022 17:20


This year’s Coachella festival has many surprises in store – and one arrived yesterday.

Find Kevin EG Perry’s review of Arcade Fire performance here.

Jacob StolworthyApril 16, 2022 16:40


Coachella Festival is in full swing! Find the biggest talking points from day one here…

Jacob StolworthyApril 16, 2022, 16:00

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