May 26, 2024

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CNN criticized after Prince William, Kate Middleton dis

CNN criticized after Prince William, Kate Middleton dis

CNN is facing a backlash after its London-based international correspondent dismissed Prince William and Kate Middleton as “the other royal family” – while referring to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle by name.

Scott MacLean made the fatal mistake on Saturday as brothers and their wives gathered on Saturday outside Windsor Castle to thank the crowds that had gathered to offer sympathy and watch the piles of bouquets and balloons left by well-wishers.

“You can see Harry come out first and then you see Meghan and then the other royals as well,” he said.

But angry viewers soon took to social media to blast the disrespect.

CNN’s agenda has been clear for months. They’re in the tank for Harry and Meghan. Pathetic. ‘The other two kings’ are the future king and queen,’ Dan Wootton, columnist for the Daily Mail chirp.

“The other two monarchs, the heir to the throne and his wife, the Princess of Wales, who will be queen,” Another critic saw.

‘Disrespectful’, another simply He said.

Scott MacLean made a fatal mistake when talking about the four paying homage to Queen Elizabeth II outside Windsor Castle to thank the crowds for their sympathy.
Instagram / @scottmcleancnn

Critics have also criticized the left-leaning network for “biased” reporting.

Angry viewer: “The other two royals” – show your obvious bias there hung. “What happened to the impartial press? Appalling.”

The tour was the first time for the couples publicly appeared together Since Commonwealth Day on March 9 amid their ongoing feud.

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The united front came just hours after the arrival of their father, King Charles III Officially appointed the new King of Great Britain At a rare meeting of the National Accession Council – and two days after his allegations Ban the difficult daughter-in-law From the queen’s bed.

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After the death of Queen Elizabeth II and the subsequent ascension of Charles, Prince William He is now in line for the throne.

On Friday in one of his first actions as a new king, the new king Awarded the title of Prince and Princess of Wales His eldest son William and his wife Kate – the same titles that Charles and his late wife Diana had.

“With Catherine (Kate) at his side, our new Prince and Princess of Wales, I know, will continue to inspire and lead our national conversations, helping to bring the margins to the center where vital assistance can be given,” he said.