April 18, 2024

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Clash between protesters in support of Cristina Fernandez and the police (+ video)

Clash between protesters in support of Cristina Fernandez and the police (+ video)

A security fence in the area has added to the tension.

Massive protests outside the home of Argentina’s Vice President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner led to clashes with police this Saturday.

Protesters threw down security fences near their residence in the Recoleta area, prompting security forces to intervene with hydrant trucks to disperse the crowd.

According to preliminary reports, five soldiers were injured in the clashes and at least four protesters were arrested. Likewise, a journalist was hit when a Peronist extremist advanced on a police cordon.

Within the framework of this escalation of violence, government minister Jorge Macri and justice and security chief Marcelo D’Alessandro are expected to provide details on the judicial situation after Kirchnerism in the next few hours. Present four amparos before the Magistrate for security action set up in front of the Vice President’s residence.

In particular, the complainants oppose the decision of the Buenos Aires city government.

As concentrations and political protests disrupted public order, the capital’s government ordered a fence around the area where Christina Kirchner lives on Saturday.

Since dawn, a perimeter composed of police officers and vehicles has been established, the purpose of which is to prevent the approach of militants and enemies to the area where his apartment is located.


Argentine President Alberto Fernández questioned the police operation, asserting that beyond providing peace of mind, the agents had created an environment of insecurity and intimidation.

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In this sense, he expressed his disapproval of institutional violence and called for an end to the persecution against the Vice President.

“It is necessary to stop the harassment of the Vice President and guarantee the citizens’ right to free expression and demonstration (…) Likewise, I ask the opposition leadership to stop provocative and violent expressions and allow all actors to express themselves responsibly to guarantee society. Peace,” said Fernández in a Twitter post. Wrote in the book.

The mobilization and meetings in front of Fernández de Kirchner’s home last Tuesday followed lawyers Diego Luciani and Sergio Mola’s 12-year prison sentence and disqualification from office for the former president and the confiscation of his assets. , he allegedly participated in an illegal syndicate that defrauded the government for 12 years to the tune of a billion dollars.

From then on, the entire government, from President Alberto Fernández to ministers and officials from all walks of life, supported Fernández de Kirchner without interruption.

The presidents of Bolivia, Colombia, Honduras and Mexico also spoke in support of him.

Alberto Fernandez this week questioned the work of prosecutor Diego Luciani and assured that Fernandez de Kirchner “did not commit any of the crimes attributed to him”.

Likewise, he referred to “the presence of ‘judicial and media harassment’ against the Vice President”. His statements led to a strong campaign against him by the political, media and judicial opposition, which included calls for his impeachment.

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