May 23, 2024

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Christian Bale solves the murders with Edgar Allan Poe

Christian Bale solves the murders with Edgar Allan Poe

Christian Bale and Henry Mealing in The Pale Blue Eye

Christian Bale and Henry Mealing Pale blue eye
picture: Scott Garfield/Netflix

another month, Another murder mystery on Netflix that will dive briefly into theaters before hitting the streaming service in a couple of weeks, bringing with her all the usual pirates, dwarves, and, occasionally, white monkeys. In this case, we’re talking about Scott Cooper Pale blue eyein which Christian Bale will have to hire Bale Blue Eyes to solve a mystery in 1830s New England. Netflix released a new trailer for the movie today, reminding us that, yes, this is the movie in which Christian Bale teams up with Edgar Allan Boo to solve an old murder.

pale blue eye | Official Trailer | Netflix

Well, then Bill is Technically speaking Team up with actor Harry Melling as such Poe, even if the people who cut the trailer clearly thought Melling looked like he didn’t fit enough here to go ahead and add special credit letting the audience know that, yes, he’s supposed to be Edgar Allen Poe. Who, in this case, is 21 years old or earlier –black Crow, enrolled as a student at West Point Academy in New York. But, wouldn’t you know it, mysterious murders come unexpectedly, and he ends up joining forces with Detective Augustus Landor, who stares him in the piercing gaze that gives the movie its title.

Based on Louis Bayard’s 2006 novel of the same name, Pale blue eye It actually looks pretty fun (for a moody definition of fun, at least). It’s always nice to see Bell lose himself in one of these strong, soft-voiced genres, and the underlying historical fantasy hook is certainly strong. We weren’t particularly excited about Cooper’s last two films, Centuries Likewise starring Bell enemies, But maybe this is the case of Mo Bu, less problems. We’ll know when Pale blue eye It hits theaters December 23, ahead of a Netflix release on January 6.

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