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China to set up base in Cuba to spy on US – DW – 06/08/2023

China to set up base in Cuba to spy on US – DW – 06/08/2023

Governments China And Cuba Beijing has signed a deal to establish a large secret spy center on the Caribbean island that will allow it to intercept all communications in the United States, the newspaper reported. Wall Street Journal (WSJ) this Thursday (06.08.2023).

The outlet, which cites that “US officials are privy to classified information,” said the deal was only in principle and would equate to Beijing paying billions of dollars to the regime in Havana.

The WSJ details that there is no indication of where the site will be or what its size or number of employees will be. Likewise, he points out, it’s unclear what a Joe Biden administration could do to prevent an accord of these characteristics.

The newspaper believes the spy base in Cuba, less than 150 kilometers from Florida, would be useful for tracking maritime traffic and monitoring all electronic communications in the southeastern United States in a region with a large number of military bases. joined

The only identity the newspaper cited was John Kirby, a spokesman for the National Security Council, who clarified that he could not speak about this particular report.

“We are well aware of China’s efforts to invest in infrastructure for military purposes around the world, including on this continent. We are closely following them and taking countermeasures,” he said.


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