May 27, 2024

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China discovers two new carriers of exclusive “golden blood”

China discovers two new carriers of exclusive “golden blood”
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A provincial hospital China Two new women from Jiangsu (east) have discovered the Rhnull blood type, an extremely rare “golden blood” found in fewer than 50 people around the planet, an official newspaper reported on Tuesday. Global Times.

A hospital institute found zero Rh blood in analyzes of a patient suffering from severe anemia, and later confirmed the same type of plasma as her older sister.

Since 1961, the date of the first discovery of “golden blood” among Australian aborigines, people around the world have confirmed through this blood that red blood cells do not contain any Rh antigens. A total of four additions to the Asian Institute.

Rhnull carriers are universal donors, which makes their plasma the most valuable type, but they can only receive the same blood because they are incompatible with 99.9999994% of the blood that comes from donations.

The news of this discovery, due to its rarity, went viral on social networks WeiboThe Chinese equivalent of the country’s censored Twitter.

Over 620 million views and comments made the post about it a hot topic on the platform.

“Why are people forcing these anemic women to donate blood? What do you think?”, one internet user said in the message, clarifying the value of many “golden bloods”.

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