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Carlo Agudis: Pope paves way for ‘God’s influence’ to become saint, attributes miracle to young Costa Rican woman

Carlo Agudis: Pope paves way for ‘God’s influence’ to become saint, attributes miracle to young Costa Rican woman

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title, Carlo Agutis was canonized in October 2020.

  • author, Tom Gergen
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A London-born Italian teenager’s ability to spread the teachings of the Catholic Church on the Internet has earned him the nickname “The. Influencer of God” paves the way to become a saint.

Carlo Agudis He died in 2006, aged 15, meaning he would have been the first millennial to be canonised – born between the early 1980s and late 1990s.

Pope Francis attributed to him a second miracle: the healing Student at Costa Rican University In Florence, Italy, he has been studying since 2018.

Valeria Valverde21 years old, suffered a brain haemorrhage after exposure Head trauma On July 2, 2022 in a bicycle accident.

His hope of survival was almost nil.

“Among the many pilgrims who come to Samadhi [de Acutis] On July 8, 2022, a Friday, there is also a woman named Liliana from Costa Rica. She kneels, prays and leaves a letter, words of hope surrounding a mother’s terrible agony,” he said. Vatican news.

According to this media linked to the Catholic Church, on the same day the hospital informed the mother that Valeria started breathing on her own, and the next day she moved again and began to partially recover her speech.

“On July 18, a CT scan showed that the bleeding had disappeared and on August 11 the girl was transferred to rehabilitation treatment, but a week later complete recovery was a step away,” the media reported.

image source, Good pictures

title, Carlo Aguttis’ funeral took place in Assisi, Italy.

The second miracle was approved by the Pope after a meeting with the Vatican’s Sacred Department.

It is not yet known when he will be canonized.

Carlo Aguttis died after being diagnosed in Monza, Italy Leukemia.

His body was moved to Assisi a year after his death, and is now on full display, along with other relics associated with him.

“The Influence of God”

In addition to designing online sites for his parish and school, Agudis was known for launching a website that sought to document every reported Eucharistic miracle and debuted just days before his death.

A nickname “The Influence of God” placed upon him after his death.

Their website has been translated into various languages ​​and used as the basis for an exhibition that traveled around the world.

Pope Francis said at the time of his salvation that the young man “knew how to use new communication techniques to transmit the Gospel and to communicate values ​​and beauty”.

Many Catholics think it will “Host of the Internet” For dedicating himself to speaking out about his faith and helping others through technology.

Miracles are usually researched and evaluated over several months, and a person qualifies for sainthood after having two to his name.

To be considered a miracle usually requires an act beyond what is possible in nature, such as the sudden recovery of a person near death.

The most recent saint was Maria Antonia de Paz y Figueroa. Mother AntulaAn 18th-century nun who was Argentina’s first saint.