February 27, 2024

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Bruce Aryan calls out Mike Florio at Box’s press conference

Bruce Aryan calls out Mike Florio at Box's press conference

Microphone drop.

Bruce Aryan spoke to reporters Thursday at a farewell press conference afterwards Announcing his sudden retirement as a piracy coachThe briefing ended with Zinger directed directly at Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio.

Arianes walked off the stage before turning around to send one last message: “One more thing. It’s been great working with you in the press. You’ve been great, all over the country, right? Florio, you can write whatever you want. OK.”

Arianos’ message was met with loud laughter and applause from those present at the press conference.

The former coach left and did not explain his call-up. But Florio criticized the Arians In recent weeks, the coach’s relationship with Tom Brady has been questioned and the speculation that the legendary quarterback was trying to make his way to the 49ers. Florio is not alone He believes Brady had a role in Aryans’ sudden exit from the sidelines.

At Thursday’s press conference, Arianes defends his ‘great relationship’ with Brady She denied reports claiming otherwise.

Then, Florio said he “didn’t buy” Ariane’s comments.

Aryan will now move to Boss’s front office in a senior advisory role. Defensive Coordinator Tampa Bay Todd Bowles will take over as head coach.

“I wanted to ensure when I left that the Todd Bulls would have the best chance of success,” Aryan said in a statement Announcing his retirement from coaching.

Bruce Ariane at a press conference, his retirement on March 31, 2022
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Mike Florio
Mike Florio
Professional football debate

During Thursday’s press conference, Arianes added, “There’s no better time to pass the torch on now.”

Aryan’s move to the Tampa Bay front office came just two weeks after Brady decided to unretire And back to the pirates.

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