June 27, 2022

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British Prime Minister Boris Johnson faces leadership vote after ‘party gate’ scandal

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson faces leadership vote after 'party gate' scandal

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson

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British Prime Minister Boris Johnson will face a vote of confidence later on Monday amid growing discontent with his leadership.

To hold a vote of confidence, 15% of Conservative lawmakers (or 54 of the 360 ​​current Tory members) would have to write letters to Graham Brady, chair of the 1922 committee that oversees challenges to the party’s leadership.

On Monday, Brady announced that the threshold had been crossed and that he had informed the Prime Minister on Sunday night that a vote would be held.

Voting is scheduled for Monday evening local time, and between 6pm and 8pm London time (1pm and 3pm ET).

Last month’s report In many prominent personalities COVID-19 Lockdown-breaking parties were released at Johnson’s office and headquarters, prompting calls for a vote of confidence.

Shortly after the vote of confidence was announced, a Downing Street spokesperson issued a short statement saying tonight’s vote was “an opportunity to end months of speculation and allow the government to put an end to and move forward, realizing the people’s priorities”. Sky News reported.

The statement added that the prime minister welcomed the opportunity to present his case to the deputies, and “will remind them that when they unite and focus on issues of concern to the electorate, there will be no tremendous political power.”

Some senior conservative lawmakers have already thrown their support behind the prime minister. Secretary of State Liz Truss tweeted on Monday that Johnson had “100% support” in the vote.

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“He made a recovery from COVID-19 and supported Ukraine in the face of Russian aggression. He apologized for the mistakes that were made. We must now focus on economic growth,” she said. Chancellor Rishi Sunak also supported the Prime Minister.

If Johnson wins the vote, he will be protected from another vote of confidence for another 12 months, although there have been previous reports that these rules could be changed. Sir Graham Brady told reporters on Monday that while it was “technically possible” to change the rules, “the rule at present is that there will be a grace period” before another vote is taken.

If Johnson loses the vote, he will be forced to step down and start a contest for leadership of the Conservative Party. In that eventuality, Johnson, as the deposed leader, would not be allowed to stand.

Johnson could also resign on his own, but despite previous grumbling among Tory MPs about Johnson’s colorful and often controversial leadership, he has shown no signs of intending to do so.

However, Johnson’s public standing is a source of concern to many Tory MPs, who are wary of the British public’s perception of the Conservative Party and its leader.

Television footage, Friday, showed crowds of people booing Johnson as he arrived at St Paul’s Cathedral in London for a thank-you mass in honor of Queen Elizabeth II and her 70 years on the throne, a milestone recorded over the past four days with the platinum jubilee celebrations. across the UK

Conservative counterpart Robert Hayward told Sky News on Monday that the footage could have an effect on Conservative MPs, influencing them to send letters to Sir Graham Brady.

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Brady himself said on Monday that some Conservative MPs had given him letters before the platinum jubilee celebrations began, but he asked that their letters not be counted until after the weekend so as not to interrupt the festivities that ended on Sunday.