June 24, 2024

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Bounty hunters follow Ivan Marquez in Venezuela

Evan Marquez and Gentle Duarte
Evan Marquez and Gentle Duarte, leaders of the FARC dissidents. Photo: Weather

The series of attacks on the FARC’s dissident camps in Venezuela – which began with the death of Jesus Sondrich on May 17 and continued with those in Romana and El Pisa in early December – will not break.

This was stated in an investigative report Time There was access, which means that Ivan Marquez, the leader of Second Marquetalia, has been hiding in the Amazonas state for a week. The former FARC negotiator in Havana is deciding whether to travel to Colombia (via Viscada or Guania) or whether he will finally leave for Nicaragua after his trip to Cuba is banned.

The video of alias Romana was secretly recorded by mafia ambassadors a few days before he died. Photo: TIME

The same armament that found his lieutenants is known to have followed in the footsteps of the remaining leaders of that criminal structure, Marquez, John 40 and Sarco Aldinever.

In fact, bounty hunters “buy” data from other disagreements across the border: Miguel Podache Chandilana, Gentle Duarte and Nestor Gregorio Vera as Ivan Mortisco.

Venezuelan soldiers abducted by protesters ‘Gentle Duarte’ Photo: Private Archive

Armed conflicts in Venezuelan territory on these two criminal coasts – Marquez and Duarte – have made influential farmers and merchants uncomfortable on their land, one of whom is known as El Benadoro.

Many of them were close associates (and even partners) of two powerful members of government who brought their complaints: Diostato Cabello and Defense Minister General Vladimir Badrino Lopez.

But they also annoy sections of the Venezuelan military, with the former FARC already massacring and abducting men.

Relative of the bite

Ivan Mordisco ‘(left) is considered the leader of the dissent. ‘Gentle Duarte’ (right), sent by FARC to Guayaquil. Photo: File / EL TIEMPO

In other words, the “taxes” collected by the dissidents for “cooperating patriots” are on the table.

These are Venezuelan businessmen and drug smugglers who extort money and charge a juicy percentage for every tonne of cocaine they pass through areas under their influence in the states of Amazonas and Bolivar.

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These practices and imported violence led a section of the Maduro government to provide data and coordinates for former Colombian guerrillas. The Colombian government and the United States provide the location of members of those protesters.

The siege has been closed in Venezuela, and it is already known that a group of Gentle Duarte dissidents, including family members, is planning to visit Iran in the coming days.

We have information that commanders Ernesto and Adrian or intellectuals receive Venezuelan identity cards and passports.

Another they are trying to move is an international lawyer close to Ivan Mortisco, who was an adviser to one of the top exFARC leaders.

A human resource assured the intelligence agents that “a mechanism similar to the one initially used by Alex Chop is intended to enable them to go abroad as security advisers.”

Iglas and guns

    Evan Marquez
International agencies are investigating allegations that guns were supplied to the former FARC. Photo: National Police

He said he intends to do this with San Antonio and other leaders in the vicinity of Cappadocia, an intermediate city between San Cristobal and Valencia, and other leaders in the vicinity of Valencia who are protected by members of the scientific, criminal and criminal investigations. Corps (Cicpc), formerly PTJ.

But leaving the leaders of the dissidents out of the reach of the bounty hunters, another motive for their relocation to Iran is being explored.

International agencies are investigating allegations that guns were supplied to the exFARC, part of a plan drawn up by Hezbollah, a pro-Iranian group linked to violent terrorism.

In Colombia, El Tiempo revealed that the organization was targeting key members of the Bogot-based Israeli and US diplomatic missions.

The fate of 10 of the more than 3,900 Russian ground-to-air aerial missiles (IGLAs) in Venezuela’s possession was also verified.

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Although they appear to have been discharged by the military, their whereabouts are unknown and it is feared that they have fallen into the hands of dissidents.

Summit in Casigua El Cubo

    Evan Marquez
This is the area where the summit was held to plan and price the attack on President Ivan Duke. Photo: TIME

“The Anti-Aircraft Assault and Defense Organization (IGLAS) will allow helicopters and other Colombian military and police aircraft to reach targets with greater accuracy,” a senior intelligence official told El Timpo.

He also said that dissidents of the 33rd Front were behind one of those missiles to carry out an act of terrorism before August 7, 2022.

    Evan Marquez

At a summit hosted by its leaders – including the mastermind of the attacks in Cúcuta – John McCas, 4,000 million pesos were tabled to repeat the June 25 offensive against President Ivan Duke.

An intelligence source explained that “the meeting was held for that purpose in the countryside of Casigua El Cubo, the capital of the municipality of Jesus Maria Sembram, located in the province of Julia.” He also said that John McCas would usually be in that area, a few kilometers away from Thibu, Norde de Santander.

Meeting with the CIA

According to Marquez, the attack on Camilo Daza Airport in Cúcuta in the middle of the week – killing two explosives – was a distracting terrorist act, so foreign agents did not rule out that he could move.

To leave Venezuela, he is believed to be an accomplice to local criminal organizations such as the Aragua Rail, which controls many illegal border crossings along the border.

Nicolas Maduro and his government remain silent throughout that chapter. But many actors (both illegal and illegal) were attacked by his December 7 meeting with the CIA ambassador.

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What is known so far is that the US plane Phoenix Air 38 landed at Mykvedia Simone Bolivar International Airport, which was used to evacuate US embassy staff after it was evacuated by the government in 2019. Of Maduro.

Friction with Daniel Ortega

According to investigators, Ivan Marquez, who is hiding in the Amazonas (Venezuela) state, will have Nicaragua as his safe escape route. Precisely, relations between the governments of that country and Colombia have deteriorated.

This may have been triggered by the leaders’ arrival, firstly because of the border dispute in San Andres and then because Colombia did not recognize the re-election of Daniel Ortega and now the aggressive statements of the President of Nicaragua. Second Marketalia in Managua. “Colombia is an addictive state,” Ortega said this week.

For the Colombian government, Ordega is a ploy to divert the attention of the international community, which “strongly rejects the new dictatorship established in Central America,” the foreign ministry said in a statement.

Ortega’s response to claims of free elections in his country was added as “attacking Colombia to divert international attention and censorship.”

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