April 20, 2024

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Billionaire accused of killing son found dead

Billionaire accused of killing son found dead

Authorities are investigating the case, but it appears they already have a clear line on what happened.

Millionaire pharmaceutical executive Gigi Jordan, convicted of involuntary manslaughter for the death of her 8-year-old autistic son, was found dead in her Brooklyn home.

As of now, New York authorities suspect it was a suicide, the New York Post gathers.

According to reports, the executive’s body was found in his apartment last Friday, hours after a US judge issued an order revoking his bail.

The judicial action, issued by US Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor, was released amid various legal challenges brought by the prosecutor’s office, in which she sought a new trial against herself.

Although the cause of death has not yet been officially determined, agents found a note in Jordan’s home indicating that he had committed suicide, so it is now a major investigation for authorities.

A controversial case

A billionaire pharmacist, 62, has been found guilty of involuntary manslaughter after admitting to forcibly injecting his 8-year-old autistic son, Jude Mirra, with a deadly drug before attempting suicide.

A series of events that took place inside a hotel room in 2010.

During the trial, in a Manhattan court in 2014, Jordan Judd announced that he decided to commit suicide because he believed that one of his former romantic partners wanted to kill him and without his mother, the minor was placed in custody. Going to the hands of another ex-husband and being sexually abused.

The named men denied the allegations.

Arguing that the woman was in a highly emotional state at the time of the murder, which would have convinced the jury, he dismissed the murder charge and convicted her of manslaughter.

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Norman Siegel, the defense attorney, confirmed the woman’s death and assured that appeals are underway. “It’s incredibly sad […]He still has a lot to contribute to society,” she said of Jordan’s death.

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