June 15, 2024

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BIDEN LATEST: Ukraine support ‘will not back down’ says in fiery speech after Zelensky’s NATO meeting

BIDEN LATEST: Ukraine support ‘will not back down’ says in fiery speech after Zelensky’s NATO meeting

Biden: G7 support for Ukraine ‘will continue far into the future’

President Joe Biden said on Wednesday that the joint declaration of support for Ukraine from the G7 nations “will make clear” that support for Kiev from one of the world’s largest democracies “will continue long into the future.”

Speaking at the NATO summit in Vilnius following the inaugural meeting of the NATO-Ukraine Council, Biden said Western nations are making long-term commitments to Ukraine’s security assistance as Ukraine pursues a process leading to full membership in the then-31-member bloc.

President Volodymyr Zelensky said the outcome of the NATO summit is a “meaningful success for Ukraine,” adding that it brings new security opportunities to the homeland.

After the summit, Biden delivered a fiery historic speech at Vilnius University, telling the crowd of 10,000 that the United States and its allies would not hesitate to support Ukraine while praising Lithuania and other Baltic states for their historic struggles for freedom.

“The defense of liberty is not the work of a day or a year. It is the calling of our lives. For all times. We are hardened in the struggle ahead. Our unity will not falter, I promise you.”


With inflation ticking up just 0.2%, the White House is cheering for Binomics

The CPI for all urban consumers showed that inflation rose 0.2 percent last month after rising just 0.1 percent in May, a sign of declining inflation. Meanwhile, the all-items index rose 3 percent over the past 12 months ending in June, its lowest 12-month rise since March 2021.

“Good jobs, lower costs: that’s the Bidennomics approach,” Biden said in a statement.

Oliver O’ConnellJuly 12, 2023 23:20


Biden wants voters to notice lower inflation

Inflation policy took a sharp turn on Wednesday with a report showing consumer prices rose at the slowest pace since the early months of Joe Biden’s presidency.

Republicans have bashed Biden over the cost of groceries, gasoline, utilities and more, saying the $1.9 trillion pandemic relief package and push for electric cars were responsible for driving inflation to its highest levels in four decades. The GOP’s argument resonated with voters, but the June consumer price report suggested that inflation has eased significantly without any of the job losses some economists and Republican leaders said would happen.

Oliver O’ConnellJuly 12, 2023 22:50


Italian Prime Minister to visit the White House

Statement from White House Press Secretary Karen Jean-Pierre on the visit of Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni
President Biden will welcome Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni to the White House on July 27 to underscore the strong relationship between the United States and Italy. And they will discuss our shared strategic interests, including our shared commitment to continue supporting Ukraine in the face of Russian aggression, developments in North Africa, and closer transatlantic coordination regarding the People’s Republic of China. They will also discuss Italy’s next G7 presidency in 2024.

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Oliver O’ConnellJuly 12, 2023 22:20


Watch: State Department Defends Biden for Sending Cluster Munitions to Ukraine

Oliver O’ConnellJuly 12, 2023 21:50


Full story: Biden praises ‘unbroken’ Ukrainian people in NATO speech to spirited crowd of 10,000 – with lone Trump fan

President Joe Biden on Wednesday praised the “unbroken” people of Ukraine and the “amazing dignity” with which they acted to repel invading Russian forces as he pledged on behalf of the Western world to maintain Kiev’s defense support for as long as possible. .

Mr. Biden delivered his remarks to a boisterous crowd that had gathered hours earlier to hear him speak in the Great Court of Vilnius University, after the conclusion of this year’s NATO Leaders Summit, in which the leaders of the 31-member defense alliance took part. He agreed to accelerate Ukraine’s bid to join the bloc once the war with Russia ended.

Andrew Feinberg Watch the president’s remarks.

Oliver O’ConnellJuly 12, 2023 21:20


A readout of President Joe Biden’s meeting with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky

President Joe Biden met with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in Vilnius on July 12, 2023. President Biden reaffirmed the United States’ enduring commitment to support Ukraine’s defense against Russia’s war of aggression and the United States’ support for Ukraine in its pursuit of integration into the Euro-Atlantic community. The leaders welcomed the launch of the Declaration of Support for Ukraine by the G7 leaders and President Zelensky just prior to their meeting, and discussed the United States’ readiness to begin negotiations with Ukraine on bilateral security commitments to ensure a sustainable force capable of defending Ukraine now and in the future. The leaders also discussed Ukraine’s ongoing counteroffensive and continued U.S. assistance in support of this effort.

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Oliver O’ConnellJuly 12, 2023 21:02


BIDEN: NATO is stronger, more active, and more united than ever

Oliver O’ConnellJuly 12, 2023 20:50


Oliver O’ConnellJuly 12, 2023 20:25


VOICES: Don’t be alarmed by Biden violating royal protocol — or how other Americans behave abroad

Skylar Baker-Jordan He writes:

No protocol is broken, and even if it was, it’s not a big deal. What happened is very good everyone calm down.

Oliver O’ConnellJuly 12, 2023 20:20


Air Force One approaches Helsinki

Oliver O’ConnellJuly 12, 2023 20:11