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Better sound, better graphics, better physics – Gran Turismo 7 مراجعة review

Better sound, better graphics, better physics - Gran Turismo 7 مراجعة review
Gran Turismo One of the most prominent players in the original Playstation. right Now , GT7 Ready for current Sony consoles.”/>
Zoom / In the year 1997, Gran Turismo It was one of the best games on the original Playstation. Currently, GT7 Ready for your current Sony consoles.

Can you believe that more than eight years have passed since the last complete time Gran Turismo Toy? Actually, who am I kidding – fans of the series are used to the long waits between installments. This wait is almost over, because Thursday Gran Turismo 7 Coming to PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4.

It was a wait filled with some trepidation. although GT The titles are heavily represented in My highly unscientific ranking of console racing games A while ago, some of Polyphony Digital’s franchise installments weren’t as good as others –look at you, GT5. But it was then, and it is now, and there is a whole new generation of devices to bring out the dazzling realism of the series’ brand.

GT7 It shows that Polyphony Digital hasn’t lost its touch. There’s room for improvement – history suggests updates will happen over time – and there’s no doubt that the game plays better on the hard-to-find PS5 than on the more popular PS4. But in troubled times, GT7 is the racing game equivalent of comfort food, made with a recipe optimized over 25 years but updated for the 4K generation.

25 years

although GT6 It debuted on PS3 at the end of 2013, it wasn’t actually the last GT release. Polyphony Digital used to showcase its new game engines by releasing “minimally viable games” with relatively few cars and tracks, leading to a full game release later. In the past, those abstract titles It often felt like expensive demos. The GT The series arrived in PS4 in 2017 GT: sportAnd the A game that focuses heavily on esports and online multiplayer. GT: sport It received a mixed reception when it was released, But it got better with updates And it remained my favorite if I had the spare time to fix the race.

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GT7 It builds on that game by adding all the elements that you feel are necessary Gran Turismo. Multiplayer and esports stuff has been carried over, but now it’s just a small part of the overall package.

center GT7Café World is a center run by a character named Luca. He has prepared menus for you to work your way up, many of which require you to complete certain races to win specific cars – for example, three French hatchbacks or three different Ford Mustangs.

This is an example of a cafe menu.
Zoom / This is an example of a cafe menu.


Once you have completed each list, a little montage and some explanation of why your cars are important will be dealt with. When Polyphony Digital’s Kazunori Yamauchi showed us the game several weeks ago, he said his goal with the game is to “excite people for the allure of cars,” and that’s one way GT7 go about it. In addition to Luca, many other NPCs are ready and waiting in the cafe with scenes of the trivia car show.

There are many other locations scattered around the cafe, some of which will be familiar GT ancient warrior. The tuning shop sells aftermarket performance parts, and has a wider range of modifications than those seen in GT6. Sadly, the old “racing mods” upgrade from the first couple of PS1 games is no longer available. But you can install larger turbine engines and sturdier tires, and you can shed the weight to your heart’s content.

It won’t be so Gran Turismo Without car wash and oil change

If the tuning shop is all about making your ride go faster, the GT Auto department is all about making your car feel faster. This is where you can customize your car with new paint, wheels and body. You can even personalize your racing suit and helmet.

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But the tuning shop is also where you do your basic car maintenance. When you add miles to the car, its oil will degrade, the engine will tire, and eventually the body’s rigidity will decrease. if GT6 is any evidenceyou will need to add thousands of miles to the vehicle before this type of work is necessary.

New cars are added in one of several ways. Each completed cafe menu adds between one and three cars to your garage, so it’s possible to accumulate a large collection without spending any of the credits you earn from completing races, events, and other challenges. But you can also buy cars instead of winning them – this will satisfy Luca just as much as seeing you win the car.

Purchase is made at three places: Used Car Agency, Brand Central, and Legend Cars Group. This used car dealership is self-explanatory – they sell old cars that have mileage. The inventory is rotated, so you’re not guaranteed to find what you’re looking for. And even if your dream car is available, it may not be cheap. The central brand of GT: sport It divides the various OEMs into three geographic regions (America, Europe and Asia Pacific). This is where you will find brand new cars to buy as well as information about each of the car companies. Legend Cars is where you can buy the rarest and most historic cars – not to mention the most expensive – in the game. Be prepared to grind for some of them, though; Price tags up to 20 million credits.

at launch, GT7 It will be around 420 cars, which is a far cry from previous versions that offered more than 1,000 cars to collect. Unfortunately, you will actually see a lot of these cars if you play GT: sport. But the number of cars for this game has swelled from 168 at launch to 338 as of this writing, and Polyphony Digital has already told us that it will add more games and tracks to the game. GT7 With the passage of time.

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