May 25, 2024

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Best apps to help view celestial event

Best apps to help view celestial event

To help you, The Globe has compiled a list of apps for both iOS and Android devices that will show you what to expect on eclipse day, teach you more about the eclipse, and provide important information for tracking the path of total darkness. Remember to be sure to wear eclipse glasses when staring at the sun during the eclipse.

Eclipse app

Tracking the eclipse requires good timing and careful preparation. Eclipse app Includes countdown clock. Within the app, you will find your community from 19 districts in the total path. Choose your location (save your favorites) and the navigation map will let you know the time and duration of the eclipse in your area. Users may need to make “in-app purchases” to obtain additional cloud forecasts and countdown clocks specific to their area. Each site includes a list of nearby events and parks.

Solar eclipse timing

the Solar eclipse timing By Foxwood Astronomy tells you what to do during the eclipse: count down, turn glasses on or off. The app was developed by an eclipse expert and teacher. The app reminds you to monitor things like temperature and lighting changes, animal behavior, shade ranges, approaching shade, and more. The device can be synced with smart watches.

Solar eclipse

the Solar eclipse application By Exploratorium contains maps, live streams and facts about the eclipse. Click anywhere on the map for information about how much of the eclipse you will see and time references for each phase of the eclipse. The developers are NASA partners.

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Eclipse calculator 2

Eclipse calculator 2 From the University of Barcelona is for Android devices and uses your phone's camera to depict what the event would look like in the sky from your location, using lines overlaid on top of the camera image.

Eclipse Soundscapes

Eclipse Soundscapes by ARISA Lab is a multi-sensory application that allows people who are blind or sensory-impaired to participate in astronomical events through real-time narrations and descriptive audio provided by the GBH National Center for Accessible Media. You can find images, educational information and learning tools. A row of tabs at the bottom of the app — Center, Features, Media, and Menu — guide you to the tools. Rumble maps produce sound tones and vibrations depending on the amount of light at a given point.

For more apps, check out American Astronomical Society list of “Applications for Eclipses.”

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