June 25, 2024

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Ben Stiller sends a touching message to his friend Rafa Nadal after his loss at Roland Garros

Ben Stiller sends a touching message to his friend Rafa Nadal after his loss at Roland Garros

Heyn Monday, Ben Stiller He decided to show his support for Rafael Nadal after the Spaniard’s fall on the opening day of the tournament Roland Garros Championship vs Zverev.

The actor is a huge supporter of the Spanish legend, who also happens to be his friend. That’s why he didn’t want to leave him in trouble and used his social media to show his support Nadal.

Steeler Show that even exclusion from the prestigious tournament Nadal Winning 14 times is not enough to shake the confidence of the Spanish tennis player. “Still rooting for Rafa Nadal It always was Stiller lyrics.

Where does this connection between Nadal and Steeler come from?

The friendship goes back a long time. Steeler He was in “El Hormiguero” two years ago and spoke about this bond. The actor loves tennis and is a big fan of Nadal, with whom he shared the court several years ago at the Australian Open.

The Spanish tennis player invited him to be his partner in the doubles match against him Juan Martin del Potro And an 8-year-old girl: “I really like… Rafa What he did at the Australian Open this year was amazing. Well, this year he hasn’t lost a game yet, he’s having a great season.”

What’s more, two years ago Nadal and Ben Stiller He can be seen sharing the table with people who trust the Spaniard. The two took advantage of the Spanish tennis player’s professional duties in New York, and already got to know each other.

In fact, at that dinner, the actor shared the table with him Carlos Costa, Marc Lopez, Benito Pérez Barbadillo and Rafael Maimo, Among others, at the Piccola Cucina Uptown restaurant. that day Nadal They talked on social media about that dinner and that included it Steeler In that selection: “Fun dinner with my team and friends! And… everything is fine before the tournament starts.”

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