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Baton Gentron: The buffalo gunman planned the attack for several months, according to his online diary | Shooting | USA | New York | Description | EC stories | The world

Baton Gentron: The buffalo gunman planned the attack for several months, according to his online diary |  Shooting |  USA |  New York |  Description |  EC stories |  The world

White gunmanIn November, he wrote about an attack on African-Americans that would be broadcast live, firing from his car and traveling hours from his home in March to scout out the store, according to an extensive diary entry he appears to have posted online.

The author of the diary also published hand-drawn drawings of the grocery store The number of black people he counted there. A black security guard at the supermarket asked him what he was doing and how he reacted. A black bodyguard was among those killed in Saturday’s shooting.

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Diary taken from the chat platform Difference of opinion Came to light two days later Baden Gentron18 years old, said . Was worn He used a bulletproof vest and helmet to broadcast the bloodstream live on the Internet. Officials said.

Beyton Gentron killed 10 people in Buffalo, USA on Saturday, May 14th. (AP).

He entered the supermarket and was charged with murder over the weekend. He was acquitted and jailed on suicidal surveillance. Federal officials are considering filing a fee for this I hate crime.

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Marc-Andre Argentino, a researcher at the International Center for the Study of Terrorism and Political Violence in London, shared copies of the material online with The Associated Press.

Apparently, a transcript of the diary entries was released shortly before the attack. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. Experts say this is possible but the diary is unlikely to have been altered by anyone other than the author.

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The best FBI agent BuffaloStephen Belongia said in a call with other officials on Monday that investigators were watching the operation. Gentron On Descartes, citing records of bulletproof vests and guns last summer, was released last month in a bid to mock federal officials. Belongia did not provide details about the call, and its registration was obtained by the AP.

From the explicit in an April 17 post Gentron He advised readers to kill the FBI and agents of alcohol, tobacco, guns and ammunition.

The news was left to the lawyers Gentron Looking for feedback. No one in his family home knocked on the door.

Buffalo supermarket attacked by Payton Gentron.  (AP).
Buffalo supermarket attacked by Payton Gentron. (AP).

The violence spread pain and anger Buffalo And beyond.

Former Fire Commissioner BuffaloCornell Whitfield Jr., who lost his 86-year-old mother Ruth Whitfield in the shooting, asked how the country could be allowed to repeat the history of racist killings.

“It simply came to our notice then. We are angry ”Whitefield told a news conference with a civil rights lawyer Ben Crump. “We treat people with dignity and love even our enemies.”

“You expect us to keep doing this again and again. Once again, forgive and forget,” he continued. “How far we can go in this country if the people we choose and trust do not protect us and treat us as equals.

One of the victims bought a cake for his grandson; A church deacon who helped people buy things home; And a supermarket guard.

The online diary spied on the March 8 buffalo shooterAbout 320 kilometers (200 miles) from home. Gentron In Conclin, New York.

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Commissioner of Police BuffaloJoseph Gramaklia told a news conference that there was information referring to it Gentron was buffalo in March, But he declined to say more.

The commissioner said a large number of investigators were working to obtain and review Gentron’s online posts.

“Many social networks are analyzed, or verified, and captured,” Gramoglia said. “Some of them require court orders, which must be followed on various social media sites.”

The author of the diary spoke about the verification of objectives including the market Friendly topsAnd a guard asked what he was doing after his second visit. He made an excuse about the data collection and left soon after.

The 180-page document, allegedly written by Gentron, states that the attack intimidated all non-whites and non-Christians into leaving the country.. The federal government has said it is working to confirm the authenticity of the document.

Gentron was briefly on officers’ radar last spring when the 17-year-old was called to his high school by state police for allegedly making threatening statements.

On Monday, May 16, 2022, an FBI investigator was working at the scene of a shooting at a supermarket in Buffalo, NY.  (AP Photo / Matt Rourke)
On Monday, May 16, 2022, an FBI investigator was working at the scene of a shooting at a supermarket in Buffalo, NY. (AP Photo / Matt Rourke)

Said FBI agent Belongia Gentron, when asked about his future plans, said he wanted to commit suicide.

A discordant post from December that he apparently made Gentron He mentions that he gave that answer to a retirement question in an economics class and that he spent “one of the worst nights of my life” in the hospital.

Said Gramaklia Gentron He did not contact the police after a mental assessment of him being hospitalized for a day and a half. In a call to Belongia, Gramaglia said the state police at the time “did everything within the bounds of the law.”

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It is unclear whether law enforcement could have enforced New York’s “red flag” regulation that would allow school officials and families. Ask the court to order the confiscation of weapons from people considered dangerous.

Federal law prohibits people from possessing a firearm if a judge decides they have a “mental disability” or is forced into a mental institution. An estimate alone does not cause a barrier.

At the White House, President Joe Biden is scheduled to visit on Tuesday BuffaloThe slain bodyguard paid tribute to retired police officer Aaron Salter.

Solder shot and killed the assailant several times. Biden said Psalter “gave his life in an attempt to save others.”

In addition to the 10 blacks killed, three were injured: one black and two white.

Zeneta Everhart, her son, Zaire Goodman, a supermarket clerk, was assisting a shopkeeper outside when he saw a man in military gear get out of a car and point a gun. Then, A bullet struck Goodman in the neck.

“Mom! Mom, come here now, come here now! They shot me!”, Told mom on the phone. Goodman, 20, left the hospital and his mother said he was fine Monday.

A live broadcast video of the attack has been circulating online. The gunman pointed his gun at a white man hiding behind a checkout counter, but shouted “Sorry!” And did not shoot. Screen shots of the broadcast show his gun being written as anti-black racial slurs.