March 1, 2024

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Barbie Eyes $20M Preview, Oppenheimer $9M+ — Deadline

Barbie Eyes $20M Preview, Oppenheimer $9M+ — Deadline

updated After Thursday exclusively: Warner Bros. has made it official Barbie Collect the best previews of the summer so far $22.3 millionWhich is better Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3$17.5 million. It’s a great weekend for Zaslav’s house in heels the light previously stumbled this summer. All eyes are on Warner Bros Discovery’s share price which as of this post is about $13.03 (-0.6%). Oppenheimer The update is coming…

Barbie Cash includes Wednesday previews at 500 locations. In all, Thursday previews were booked at 3,400 locations.

We said that from the start Barbie was ahead Little mermaid In pre-sales – well, it’s twice as much as the $10.3 million Fish brought in (translates to $96 million 3d). Early Rotten Tomatoes audience results show 90% for Barbie and 94% for Oppenheimer.


Exclusive: The box office event of the year that saw a crowd draw for Warner Bros. BarbieAnd and directed by Christopher Nolan from Universal, oppenheimer, Confetti Guns officially launched with straight movies watching in appreciation $20 million And $9 million + from their previews. Again, these numbers can fluctuate by morning.

even if Barbie Under $20 million, it’s bound to post this summer’s best previews; Disney Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 having made $17.5 million on a Thursday night (which included $400,000 in Imax Wednesday times). The Greta Gerwig feature directed at the Mattel doll features previews that will include Wednesday “Barbie Blowout Party” in 500 locations plus funds from showtimes starting tonight in 3,400 locations at 3 p.m.

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R- Estimated 3 hours Oppenheimer The show starts today at 5:00 pm. Barbie It will be shown in 4,200 theaters by Friday, while oppenheimer, Age by IMAX, it will house 3,600 theaters.

It’s an understatement to say the outlook is bullish. Barbie Pre-sale is the best the industry has seen since Avatar: Water Road According to Box OfficeAnd Competitors are confident that the film will bring in $100m-$130m. Ditto for Oppenheimer tipping the scale after $50M+; All in all for the third time this year, the weekend gross should be around $200 million for all of the films. Critics love both films Barbie 89% certified fresh and Oppenheimer 93% certified fresh.

scaling Barbie: This preview format is larger than other female images such as beauty and the beast ($16.3 million Thursday, $63.7 million Friday and $174.7 million in 3 days), close hunger Games ($19.7 million Thursday, $67.2 million Friday and $152.5 million 3 days), and less than 2009 The Twilight Saga: New Moon ($26.3 million Thursday, $72.7 million Friday and $142.8 million in 3 days.

Oppenheimer Eliminates Nolan previews Dunkirk($5.5m Thursday, $19.7m Friday, $50.5m 3-day), located in the neighborhood of such fan movies as Doctor Strange, Eternals, Logan And Shang Chi. As an adult drama and very talkative, Oppenheimer It is breaking the mold as far as companies go. Dunkirk It is not frontloaded, Thursday is 28% of Friday. Going back to Thursday and Friday, it grossed $14.2 million with Saturday up 23% with $17.5 million. The question is whether Oppenheimer Follows the path of a fanboy movie, like the R.I.T. Logan Which was in 2 hours and 17 minutes which had $9.5 million on Thursday, $33 million on Friday and $88.4 million for 3 days. A fun weekend at the store.

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