June 23, 2024

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Banksy artwork appears on destroyed building in Ukraine | Banksy

Looks like Banksy confirmed his presence Ukraine After revealing his latest artwork on Instagram.

Speculation was mounting that the unknown graffiti artist was in the war-torn country after a series of murals surfaced in the town of Borodianka, near Kyiv.

One of the murals depicts a man resembling the Russian President, Vladimir Putin, being thrown to the ground during a judo match with a young boy.

Work believed to be Banksy in Borodianka.
Work believed to be Banksy in Borodianka. Photo: Ed Ram/Getty Images

Another picture showed two children using a metal tank trap as a swing.

However, the mural Banksy Used to reveal his presence in the country a gymnast balances on the ruins of a destroyed building.

The Bristol-based artist, whose work sells for millions of pounds, has published Three Instagram murals on Fridaywith the caption simply: “Borodyanka, Ukraine”.

Gymnastics mural.
Gymnastics mural. Photo: Banksy/Instagram/Pa

It was Borodianka, a town northwest of Kyiv It was bombed by Russian bombs at the beginning of the invasion.

Russian troops, rolling from the Belarusian border 200 miles to the north, occupied the city in February. Together with Bucha, Irpin and Hostomil, Borodianka was one of the cities most affected by Russian bombing. It was edited in April.

Ukrainian investigators found dozens of mass graves in which the bodies of civilians – tortured and killed – were buried. Moscow fired powerful unguided cluster munitions and bombs into populated areas of Borodianka, destroying dozens of buildings, with some destroyed and divided in two.

Since then, the city has been the focus of reconstruction efforts, with many towers demolished as a result of the damage caused by the fighting.

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