February 28, 2024

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Australian restaurant refuses to serve Russell Crowe, girlfriend because they were wearing…

Australian restaurant refuses to serve Russell Crowe, girlfriend because they were wearing…

In addition to flip-flops, active wear is not permitted inside the restaurant

Days after American singer Post Malone was banned from a rooftop bar in Perth, Australia because of his tattoos, a similar case has emerged involving high-profile celebrities. This time, well-known actor Russell Crowe and his girlfriend Brittney Theriot were turned away from a restaurant in Australia because they did not meet the “smart casual” dress code, New York Postmentioned. Then the couple went to another restaurant nearby for lunch.

The accident happened when the couple went to the Fusion Mr. Miyagi In Melbourne for “fast food”, after a tennis match. Since they were playing tennis, Mr. Crowe would wear a Ralph Lauren polo shirt while Mrs. Theriot would wear her tennis skirt. away from the restaurant staff.

It is worth noting that the restaurant described itself as “casual yet luxurious” where “work clothes, sportswear, micro-cottons, and underpants (slippers)” are prohibited. Owner Christian Klein told the Daily Herald that the couple wore “sloppy tracksuits.”

We treat everyone equally. It doesn’t matter who you are or if you’re Russell Crowe. ‘We have a dress code that we push across every level,’ Mr. Klein said. Herald Sun Friday.

He added, “We’re not trying to teach people how to dress. But I personally know if I’m wearing thongs and panties, I’m not going to try to go to a nice restaurant, because I’m not going to be properly dressed.” The owner also said that the employee who refused to serve the couple did not recognize me ‘wrestler’ the actor.

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Later, the restaurant tried to highlight the situation with a funny Instagram update. The sign read: “Dress smart casual, unless you’re Russell Crowe, then dress up.”

See post here:

The restaurant also added a note regarding Mr. Crewe’s visit and said they would like him back.

The post read: ‘Dear Russell, During your recent visit it appears we have taken the wrong stance. After much thought about what happened, we made a permanent change to our dress code. ⁠ We would love to see you again in the future, you are always welcome at Mr. Miyagi. ”

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