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Arkan says Redfall is more like Far Cry than Left 4 Dead

Arkan says Redfall is more like Far Cry than Left 4 Dead

Arkane sure knows how to make an immersive sim; With the lineage of the Dishonored, Prey, and Deathloop series under the studio’s belt, the idea of ​​a rural American town filled with vampires dressed as four players was Multiplayer game It certainly paints an interesting picture. With so little concrete information about the shooter out there, it’s always good to hear more straight from the source, and several developers have spoken about Arkane in a new interview.

With no Redfall release date nailed down, no matter what the news is Redfall will be released before Starfieldwhich was recently Reconfirmed for the first half of 2023Any new information about this vampire killing co-op simulation is totally welcome.

Luckily for us, he spoke with Arkane creative director Ricardo Bare and studio director Harvey Smith GamesRadar It’s about mixing the ambitious Redfall with the immersive sim experience of Arkane, and it’s a lot of fun.

There have been a lot of comparisons to Valve’s Left 4 Dead, but as Bare explains, the Open world game The approach makes Redfall more like Ubisoft’s Far Cry. It’s totally understandable that someone would come to that conclusion. There are four playable characters, you can play together cooperatively, and you’ll be facing off against the undead. But in terms of the way you play and experience Redfall, it’s not at all like those games. Radval is more like a download in Far Cry”.

I totally understand why hearing Far Cry words might make some of you run for the hills, but Arkane seems to be pulling this thread in an attempt to explain how he can use his experience building great, open-ended levels, and transplant that into a slightly different player experience.

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“What if we took all of our expertise — and our creative values ​​— and put it into an open world?” Smith adds. Redfall also won’t have cars, so the open world shouldn’t see you just vampires in open fields, as you’ll instead go at a slower, more deliberate pace.

“In terms of freedom, there’s what you’d expect from other open worlds, but Redfall is a game on foot,” Bay explains to GamesRadar. The scale and pace are a little slow in that regard. We want you to sneak through a cornfield at night in the fog, hearing vampires whispering in the dark. You’ll probably spot a farm house in the distance and sneak into it, only to find it’s full of cultists and some trapped survivors that you can rescue. The atmosphere of Redfall.”

So, you should think of Redfall more as a Far Cry-style open-world game minus the cars than Arkane’s version of Left 4 Dead. Honestly, you probably shouldn’t expect either, just because a game takes inspiration from others in the genre doesn’t mean it’s going to turn out exactly that way. I was expecting Argan’s signature touch, some FPS game Shooting vampires, not much else, let the game itself fill in those blanks.

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