April 17, 2024

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Aragua train extorts Peruvian singer Jimmy Sandi

Aragua train extorts Peruvian singer Jimmy Sandi

Jimmy Sandy, a singer with more than 60 years of experience, said he was being extorted by members of a criminal organization called Trent de Aragua.

He said they first contacted him via phone call in the presence of a friend and his representative, who suggested he hang up immediately.

“When I answer they tell me: Look, we’re coming from the Aragua train, we’re calling you to do business, so you can pay us,” he asked.

Seeing the artist ignore the calls, two subjects with Venezuelan origins appeared outside his compound, according to Jimmy Santi.

“I heard them clapping, I went out, I saw two Venezuelan guys, they gestured to me (that they see him) and then they called me: ‘You are alive, wait for the bomb in your house. ‘” he told America Noticias.

The singer indicated that he was not afraid. On the contrary, he pointed out that he will not remain silent to get justice.

Security cameras in your neighborhood can be an important part of identifying criminals outside your home. The complaint is already lodged with the Drinkery Trafficking and Extortion Investigation Unit.

He is not the first TV personality to denounce extortion. Monique Pardo, Agua Marina, Brunella Torpoco, Gringo Karl and others did not hesitate to raise their voice against the criminals to get justice.

In May, Monique Pardo denounced being targeted by extortionists through a phone number from Colombia. The singer hinted that the criminal would ask her for a million dollars so that he would not make an attempt on her life.

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“(He said to me) Monique, one girl hates you to death and is with another,” the singer first reported to ATV News.