March 1, 2024

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Amazon’s Echo Show 15 smart display becomes a portable Fire TV device

Amazon's Echo Show 15 smart display becomes a portable Fire TV device
Zoom in / Fire TV on Amazon Echo Show 15.


The versatile Amazon Echo Show 15 smart display now has a more widespread purpose: streaming TV and movies. Amazon pushed out a free software update today that gives the Echo Show 15 software with Fire TV capabilities, and newly purchased devices will be able to stream content from the likes of Disney+, Peacock, and other Fire TV apps.

Amazon initially announced its plans for the Fire TV-ify the Echo Show 15 in September. At that time, it is He said 70 percent of people who used the 15.6-inch smart display in the previous month did so to watch videos.

Upon release, the Echo Show 15 supported Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, and Hulu; (Although you can only summon them by asking Alexa.) But today’s news brings those apps under one umbrella while adding additional streaming services, including HBO Max and Discovery+ (Soon to integrate into Max?) and Paramount+.

The update also lets you use Alexa to play content via streaming services by voice, and Amazon zips a file Package From the Echo Show 15 and Alexa Voice Remote (3rd Gen) to coincide with the new feature.

Amazon hasn't said whether or not it will bring Fire TV to other, smaller Echo Show devices.
Zoom in / Amazon hasn’t said whether or not it will bring Fire TV to other, smaller Echo Show devices.

Sharon Harding

The introduction of Fire TV brings a new purpose to the Echo Show 15. The device can already do more than any of Amazon’s other Echo products, however, as a smart display, it has run into hurdles as an emerging technology since many people struggle to find purpose.

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As we said in our area Echo Show 15 reviewOne of the best features of these displays is that their larger size outshines their competitors and enhances experiences like viewing photos. Of course, watching TV and movies is another place those extra inches can help.

While I struggled to navigate the Echo Show 15’s interface to understand all the things I could do with it — even though the product is constantly suggesting new features for you to try — the value of watching TV is self-explanatory here. The Echo Show 15 Fire TV won’t replace the big-screen TV in the living room, but it can now serve as a small smart TV that’s easier to move around and set up than average.

The new Echo Show 15 is coming as Amazon Alexa struggles to find financial success He is said to be losing $10 billion this year. On the other hand, Amazon It said It has sold more than 150 million Fire TV devices as of January and can use the service to make money in good old ways, like advertising and paying other subscription services.

The Echo Show 15 that doubles as a Fire TV is another example of how companies are continuing to explore how to sell smart displays to consumers. Earlier this year, Meta gave its connected video conferencing monitor a more popular add-on when it updated its Gateway to act as a wireless screen.