June 23, 2024

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Alt-Rock Band Wilco gets their own cereal and beer via a Foxtrot Market collaboration

Alt-Rock Band Wilco gets their own cereal and beer via a Foxtrot Market collaboration

Dunham said she sent a direct message on Instagram, hoping for the best.

“It turns out they like us,” Lavitrola said.

Wilc-O’s is a vegan, gluten-free cinnamon pill made in honor of the tour bus food of Wilco singer Jeff Tweedy. The package, from Off Limits, features a cartoon of Tweedy digging into a bowl with a guitar in hand. Jesus Don’t Cry, which shows a cartoon of Wilco comforting the Son of God, comes from Great Central Brewing in Chicago.

The pop-up store launches today at the Foxtrot location in Chicago’s Old Town neighborhood and features merchandise like a tourist jacket, T-shirt, and shopping bag that references a line at Wilco’s “Jesus Inc.” Read “You can come anytime you want.” Some cereal boxes in the pop-up store will come with a prize inside – a 7-inch vinyl song featuring an alternate take on Tweedy’s signature “I’m the Man Who Loves You”. Products can also be purchased from Foxtrot anywheree-commerce website for retailer.

Foxtrot and Wilco are promoting a concert at The Hideout, a Chicago music club, on April 21. Wilco is not on the bill but is “supervising” the show, which features two local bands DEHD and Tenci. Wilko is leaving on tour in celebration of “Yankee” which begins April 23, the same day the album was released in 2002.

“Chicago is a special place, filled with neighborhoods and communities that create a true sense of belonging unlike any other place I have ever visited,” Tweedy said in comments via email. “Foxtrot embraces this sense of community and we are excited to partner with them as we celebrate our album’s 20th anniversary in this great city.”

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Foxtrot’s previous collaborations with the brand have been primarily with restaurants and chefs in the area. Dunham said the Wilco collaboration teaches the company about experimental marketing and the connections between art and food.

“From a strategic perspective, there’s something instantly accessible about both the music and CPG productions, and we think it’s a really interesting place to experience in the culture,” Dunham said. “We also learn about the ability to think through a marketing program that is not just a product, but an experience, and that also connects to a new audience.

“We started out in the fan base, and we often think of our marketing strategy as being so obsessed with our customers that we want to create the feeling that we like them, and they like us, and we often use that as an audio version of a billboard to see how we think about product launches and campaign launches.” “We not only celebrate ourselves but we celebrate the communities we are in and that speaks volumes about the attractiveness of our region.”

Dedicated to “organization and convenience,” LaVitrola co-founded Foxtrot as a combination of a shopping app and physical store in 2018. The brand now has stores in Chicago and Washington, with plans this year to expand to 32 stores overall, including new markets Dallas and Austin, Texas.

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