December 1, 2022

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Aaron Rodgers sheds some light on Davante Adams’ departure, but there are still many questions

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Aaron Rodgers He didn’t say much, but did say a lot at the end of the day, Thursday night regarding the receiver’s departure Davant Adams from Green Bay. From the words Rodgers chose to use, some fair conclusions can be drawn.

For starters, he didn’t know Adams was planning to leave when Rodgers decided to stay. More specifically, Rodgers expected Packers and Adams to work on a new contract. This is a huge assumption that fails to come to fruition.

“Obviously, when I made my decision, I was still thinking he would come backRodgers said Pat McAfee. “You know, I was very honest with him about my plans, my future and seeing my career go as far as the years I wanted to play. But I felt he would be back. I don’t see it turning out that way.”

So why does he think Adams will be back? What did Adams say or do to make him believe that? Consider this: Adams explained after he was traded with the Raiders that he and his quarterback Derek Carr Spend time planning and planning this move, long before it even happens.

“It’s something we haven’t enjoyed during the season,” Adams told reporters in late March. “Once the season was over we started communicating a little bit. . . . As things progressed a bit more, obviously we communicate a few times a week as it is, apart from trying to make a team. So once we get to a point where it can be a realistic thing now It is not just an idea. We started trying to make a little plan together. And obviously I was still back with Green Bay at that point and I was still considering my options.”

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Options included staying at Green Bay. Rodgers believes that the possibility of being pushed by the Packers and staying with Rodgers will outweigh the Raiders contract and team up with Carr.

“I thought based on the number we gave Davante, and you know, being able to play with me for a few more years would definitely make a difference,” Rodgers told McAfee. “But in the end, I think he was ready to move on and wanted to help me make that happen.”

Rodgers focused on Adams’ decision. However, by the time the Packers made their offer to Adams, it was too late. Does Rodgers wish the Packers had gotten more serious with Adams before the season ended? Rodgers was not asked that question.

Second, Rodgers explained that he was “very honest” with Adams “about my plans and my future.” Does Rodgers believe Adams was honest with Rodgers about his own plans? Although this question was not asked by Rodgers, it is certain that Adams did not deal with Rodgers until it was too late. Otherwise, Rodgers knew Adams was leaving before Rodgers decided to stay.

Third, and most importantly, would Rodgers have made a different decision if he had known Adams was leaving? Rodgers wasn’t asked that question either. And while Rodgers likely wouldn’t have said “I would have chosen to leave,” it was very interesting to see how he worked his way through it. Along the way, Rodgers may have said something that would have underlined the fact that, although he decided to stay in 2022, he might decide to move forward in 2023.

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