April 20, 2024

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A civil lawsuit has been filed against Saints Alvin Kamara over the alleged February attack

A civil lawsuit has been filed against Saints Alvin Kamara over the alleged February attack

A man was injured in an alleged felony battery by New Orleans Saints while running back Alvin Camara and three other men, including the Kansas City Chiefs Cornback Christopher Lamonsa civil lawsuit in Louisiana against Camara on Friday.

The lawsuit filed by Darnell Green Jr. of Orleans alleges that Camara and the other men involved punched and trampled on Green when he was on the floor unconscious outside a Las Vegas nightclub on the morning of February 5, before the Pro. Plate. It alleges that Camara pushed Greene into a wall, repeatedly punched him in the face, including after he fell to the ground, and bragged about assaulting a friend while leaving the club.

Green’s suit asks for a jury trial and compensatory and punitive damages of at least $10 million. It is seeking $5 million in actual compensation for “financial losses, pain, suffering, disfigurement, mental pain, and past, present, and future medical expenses” and $5 million in model damages.

The lawsuit says Green sustained serious injuries to his neck, back, head, shoulder, knees and face. Medical tests say “confirmed a disfiguring facial fracture of Green’s right orbital bone, blunt trauma to his head, multiple disc protrusions, and skeletal tears in his shoulder.”

The lawsuit, which includes purported images from security cameras at the nightclub, says Green had to go to hospital due to his injuries and would need multiple surgeries as a result.

Camara faces a misdemeanor charge of conspiracy to commit a battery and a felony charge of battery resulting in significant bodily harm. His case has already been postponed several times, and the next hearing is scheduled for November 9.

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Greene also accuses the NFL of not doing enough to sanction Kamara, saying in the lawsuit: “Camara currently faces criminal charges for the event described here. However, these actions appear to have been paused to allow Kamara to play a full season in Saints without comment.” ..

Furthermore, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has failed to fully investigate the incident at hand, and is ostensibly awaiting the initiation of criminal proceedings before issuing a comment. It is highly suspected that Goodell watched violent security footage of the assault – as did the prosecutor – but chose not to take action. Corrective action. Darnell Greene refuses to allow the commissioner, the authorities, or Kamara himself to wipe this matter under the rug.”

Greene represents Houston attorney Tony Busby, whose firm has also represented several women indicting the Cleveland Browns quarterback. Deshaun Watson Sexual misconduct or sexual abuse during a massage. Louisiana attorney John Munoz is also representing Green.