June 16, 2024

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49ers news: Five fast food 49ers beat Minnesota Vikings

49ers news: Five fast food 49ers beat Minnesota Vikings

While the majority of 49ers The rookies didn’t fit in this, there is still plenty to take away from the 49ers

1. There will be difficult decisions in the center of the retreat.

There is no clarity now on how the 49ers backfield will be shaken. Elijah Mitchell is a one last place lock and will probably get a nod as the number one come back if he’s healthy in the first week, but even that’s not a given at this point.

Jeff Wilson Jr. missed his second consecutive preliminary game, but he’s also a player that provides the 49ers with a solid veteran presence at the center, which is what Kyle Shanahan coveted. Despite his absence from the pre-season competitions, I expect Wilson to be among the players in the Final 53.

Beyond that is where things get really suspicious. Trey Sermon was a top 100 pick just over a year ago, but if it wasn’t for the capital invested in him, it would be hard to prove he deserves a place on the list at the expense of other players in the game. bubble.

Back in the game, Ty Davis-Price and Jordan Mason put in strong performances against the Vikings. Davis Price had ten holders for 41 yards and showed a level of fitness suggesting he’s a strong candidate to be a hitter in position in games where the 49 players will run the ball to the milk clock with a difference.

Jordan Mason looked great, averaging 6.3 yards per carry in nine rushing attempts while also showing the ability to run with conviction and finish through contact. It’s more of a force with Mason, though, who has a great sense of when to make the crucial cuts in this region’s running scheme, and if rosters are awarded based solely on performance, it’s all but a lock given how it’s done. It was performed in training camp and pre-season.

JaMycal Hasty earned a receiving touchdown as well, managing an excellent trajectory off the field to beat the linebacker in coverage. All in all, the 49 players retain five runners-up for the final roster, with one of those places being reserved for Kyle Goszyk.

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The 49ers may have to consider keeping six this year because at least one, if not two, linebackers will be left out if they stick to the status quo at five. I don’t like the prospect of hiding a player like Mason on the coaching staff either. I wouldn’t risk betting that he made it through compromises.

Either way, there are going to be some tough calls to make. At this point you’ll probably make some calls on Sermon if another team is interested, but I’d be really surprised if they cut the player they invested so heavily in just one season ago. Hopefully, the pre-season 3 game will provide some much-needed transparency with the whole situation.

2. Javon Kinlaw flashes him professional bowl Roof

It was one sack in the pre-season game, so I don’t blame anyone for turning their eyes to the aforementioned subtitle. But let me explain why. Kinlaw is a player of immense physical talent who relied heavily on those athletic traits early in his NFL career.

It has always been my opinion with Kinlaw that he will make a rapid rise once he gets more reps in the league and can improve things like hand position, board level, etc. We got a great example of the development that came with more reps when he fired Kellen Mond at 3 and 7 late in the first quarter.

Kinlu was able to defeat the right guard inward with a clubbing move, hitting the guard on his inner shoulder and using his superhuman strength to move the guard sideways before advancing through the gap A to bring down Mund.

This was a fine example of Kinlaw’s ability to relate to his signature athletic style and raw strength combined with vocal tech in regards to his hand placement, with the result that he completely demolished an inner offensive lineman on his way to a sack in the background.

These are the kinds of plays Kinlaw can do, and they will come in greater numbers the more comfortable he is in his role going forward. Remember he missed a good portion of his first two years due to some unfortunate injuries, and the lost time stole a good portion of the time he would have spent developing early on in his NFL career.

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Kinlaw is a special player, and there’s a reason Team 49 recruited him where they did. He’s shown you a glimpse of what he’s capable of in this league with this sack against the Vikings, and it will be interesting to watch how the narrative around Kinlaw changes now that he’s healthy and enters the season like someone playing with weight lifting their shoulders.

Drake Jackson was an absolute robbery

There’s no reason Drake Jackson should have stayed on the board when the 49ers took him out late in the second round of the match 2022 NFL Draft. The teams may have been worried about his low weight or didn’t have the patience to develop someone with great traits but it looks like he might need a semi-red year to start.

Whatever the reason, it’s not good enough to justify Jackson’s fall into the lap of 49ers, as they already had an embarrassment of riches in the league’s deepest defensive line. However, with two pre-season games, Jackson has shown that not only does he have a high ceiling that can be reached with a systematic development plan, but that he is also ready to make a contribution right away.

His ability to work in space, fill out running spells, and just be a destructive presence in general is very encouraging for a player who is still far from reaching his physical potential. Jackson has the potential to develop into an above-average player in this league, and that could come much sooner than anticipated.

Pair that with an already talented 49-man defensive front and the future will remain bright for the group of sites that are the engine that gets this squad off the ground.

4. Back-up midfielders look good

Nate Sudfeld and Brock Purdy combined to go 27/40 for 230 yards, one touchdown, and no interceptions. While I wouldn’t put much stock in a pre-season match against second- and third-tier players, you can also play just in front of you.

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Besides an accident near the goal line by Purdy, I thought the midfielders did what they needed to in this match. They both obviously look comfortable working on this attack and have shown the ability to get the ball where it needs to go as they advance with an encouraging level for players who will be buried behind Trey Lance on the depth chart.

While it won’t get the same level of excitement as the QB1 discussion, having a capable backup on the roster can be the difference between being a playoff team or missing the chops, as fans of the 49ers have seen over the past two seasons. The 49ers have a pair of guys that fit this mold.

Ruby Gold and Mitch Wichnowski have strong games

I can imagine someone reading this and saying “how much snooze was this game for special teams to be featured in a pre-season game.” While I wouldn’t resist this rating very hard, I also believe that Professionals deserve credit for a performance like this, regardless of whether it’s a show game or not.

Ruby Gold was 3/3 on the day, and drill kicks from 49, 46 and 28 yards, respectively. Gould remains one of the most reliable legs in the sport and is a huge asset to the 49ers team aspiring to the championship. Having a player like Gould, who has shown to have ice water in his veins in the big moments, is something that should never be overlooked.

Mitch Wichnowski also had a day, running four balls for a net total of 210 yards, with a length of 59. Two of those kicks landed inside the Minnesota 20-yard line, including a ball that was dropped inside one of the Vikings’ yard line. A very strong day from the 49ers Specialist group, and I also have to give a quick nod to longtime snapper Taybor Pepper for his role in the success of the Special Teams unit in Minnesota.