July 18, 2024

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$10 Package Gets $6,500 in Games/Music/Books, Helps Ukraine

 Package Gets ,500 in Games/Music/Books, Helps Ukraine

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Its Necrosoft Games Collect a collection of 991 things on itch.io now available for only $10 minimum .

The Ukraine introduction package on the site says:

The people of Ukraine are under attack. As game developers, we want to create new worlds, not destroy the one we have. That’s why we’ve come together to offer this charitable package to help Ukrainians survive this ordeal and thrive after the war. This is why it has resonated with creators all over the world, to the point that our collection contains nearly 1,000 games, RPGs, books, etc.

Over 700 creatives have come together to donate their work and all proceeds from this package will go to the following charities:

International Medical Corps Medical assistance is provided in the area. They have very low fundraising costs (1% of income), with 89% of donations going to Medicaid and 10% to management.

children’s voices, a Ukrainian organization that helps children deal with the horrors of war and post-traumatic stress disorder, adjust to school and return to childhood. They also did a lot of improvised grassroots work during the war, such as helping to set up shelters. Hopefully this war will end soon, and they can begin the work of healing the hearts of these children.

With so many games, RPGs on the table, books, comics and soundtracks on offer, I can’t quite list them. everything Here, but some of the games available as part of the package include CelesteAnd the short walkAnd the Towerfall AscensionAnd the too hotAnd the skateboardAnd the Kingdom: two crownsAnd the hidden people And the super hexa. All of these are very good, and that leaves over 900 things Togo!

While the minimum purchase price for the package is $10 (for $6,500 of the stuff!), given the focus on revenue, Microsoft “strongly urges you to pay more than the minimum if you can afford it.” You can see the full list of games, purchase the package, here.

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