Zylight to Supply Luminaires for Coverage of Rupublican and Democratic National Conventions

Zylight, a producer of LED lighting solutions and North American distributor of Aladdin products, reported that two national cable news networks, including Bloomberg Television, will employ more than 80 Aladdin Bi-Flex LED luminaires during the coverage of the Republican National Convention in Cleveland and the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia later this month.

Bloomberg TV Convention Coverage to employ Aladdin Bi-Flex LED Lights

Bloomberg TV Convention Coverage to employ Aladdin Bi-Flex LED Lights

High Output Inc., a full-service rental facility and live event production company based in Boston, will provide the lights. Jim Hirsch, High Output’s COO, will serve as Bloomberg’s lighting director during the conventions. At both events, the Bi-Flex LED lights will be used primarily as fill lights in the temporary, off-site studio and will serve as key lights for small interview areas within the convention venues. According to Hirsch, High Output will also supply other clients with about a dozen Zylight F8-200 LED Fresnels for convention coverage.

High Output bought about 40 Bi-Flex luminaire’s in 2015 and received 48 new lights earlier this month. “We have had tremendous success with both rentals and sales,” Hirsch said. “The Bi-Flex is a versatile lighting tool. The quality of the soft box and egg crate grid makes it a viable option, and the color quality is just about perfect.”

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The Bloomberg setup includes six of the 200-watt Bi-Flex4, six of the 100-watt Bi-Flex2, and ten of the 50-watt Bi-Flex1 units. Bi-Flex lights are waterproof and dimmable, use AC or battery power, and offer adjustable color temperature from daylight to tungsten. The Bi-Flex lights allow a variety of mounting options.

Hirsch noted that the Bi-Flex2 and Bi-Flex4 lights are “TV friendly” because they can be controlled via DMX. “It’s extremely lightweight and extremely bright, but still controllable,” Hirsch explained. “That helps quite a bit, especially in the broadcast booth where we’re working with small pipes instead a full-size grid.”